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Whether the modern manager can grasp God by a beard?! It is possible!

For the last 100 years developed three paradigms of interaction with the person: imperative ( You are obliged! ) manipulative, and dialogue, developing. The person from object of influence becomes the subject, the partner in interests. All concepts of the behavioural direction in management (especially with 80 - x years) are developed towards the developing interaction: the teacher and the pupil, the employer and the worker, the leader and conducted.

The Problem of development of managers - is a problem of development of leaders and exactly here it is necessary to look for ways of development of quality of administrative education - so declared to me at one of university departments of management, typical for Russia. The author of this statement the candidate of pedagogical sciences from Cherepovets to G. M. Tyul, already nearly ten years working with students of Cherepovets state university in the direction interesting us. This familiar expression of the scientist, at a certain imagination and intellectual effort of will, can be turned also back. It can and has to sound already: The problem of development of leaders - is a problem of development of managers . The full theory and practice of mastering this science and, at the same time, art - a basis for formation of the leader of any orientation and any scale. As local, local, municipal, and world. That who from a school or student`s bench marks today at Napoleony 21 centuries by diligent studying of this science to bloody boys in eyes and the suppurating blisters on hands not to pass in any way.

business schools of the whole world fight Now in search of models of effective training of managers of leader type. And, differently, succeeded in the solution of this noble task. Western it is slightly better, ours - it is slightly worse. The problem is, first of all, that it is very difficult to enter a real context of an administrative profession into intensive educational process. And, especially, real context of professional leadership, leadership in general. Well, as you will force Vasya Pupkin sitting on Kamchatka suddenly not from that, from this to swell up in time (or after) lectures on a croup of the excited horse and the story in the last attack, with songs and dancings of the classmates.

- the Task, - Ilyich as if told, - are - rkhislozhny!

is not casual around the world and at us in the country corporate universities are created one of the most important problems of which is in training managers of leader type - a peculiar vanguard, peace analog of conquistadors of the Middle Ages whose mission consists in practical realization of the most improbable, the most impudent, most breakthrough ideas of the organizations. The strongest organizations of the world without it, apparently, a resource, insignificant on the physical scales, themselves in the future do not represent any more. To consider as a center of the universe only itself for leaders of the largest organizations of the world is a deep provincialism!

Good administrative education will help to make correctly decisions, but it is not enough to make the correct decision, practicians so speak, it is necessary to know a situation, to have a certain experience of the solution of administrative tasks. Moreover, - add others, - important also to have impudence to undertake risk of the solution of the most difficult, most uncertain problems . Difficult, but it is probably possible to teach the manager to survive in difficult conditions if in educational situations to show not just successful managers, (success is situational in the conditions of dynamism of external environment), and, first of all, to analyze difficulties, problems on the ways of these managers and ways of their decision, and also ways of fixing of success, business development. It is possible to add to these words that to the real manager - the leader it is necessary also to see faultless sources of a leader position of this or that modern successful manager, to understand at the expense of what what kompetentnost and competences he leaves in leaders. And, naturally, critically to adapt these leader behavior models to itself, being still trained in higher education institution in these or those practical activities, possible in the conditions of higher education institution.

the Necessary condition of success of transformations and reforms in education is evidential and predictively well-founded updating tsennostno - target priorities. Without it it is impossible to build long-term policy of development of any education, to develop reliable criteria of its efficiency and quality, to offer efficient strategic ideas and concepts. It is necessary to recognize that in the educational standards existing today in the field of management by the weakest place target block is. It is at the level of knowledge and abilities which the modern manager allegedly has to seize. And it is Mankind yesterday. It is not necessary to speak about standards in the field of training of managers of the leader plan in general so far. Therefore - leaders it is necessary for creation of really quality education of managers will decide on methodology of justification of values and the purposes of administrative education. From what oven all should dance if we want to receive not just the manager operating with routine processes, and to grasp the leader capable even of the Lord by a beard and, at least with half an eye to glance in the next 22nd century.]