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Whether leaders are necessary to Russia? Yes, and them it is necessary to prepare from a school bench?

in Russia occur Now what years twenty - thirty back in the West called not differently as revolution of managers . Literally in all spheres of our life, whether it be economy, policy, the industry, small or medium business, culture, education etc., for some 10 - 15 years the view of management and of a professional layer of people, it carrying out essentially changed.

Already the opinion that the most effective investments which this or that enterprise or the organization is able to afford are investments into development of the heads is considered hackneyed and even unlike the truth. In labor market in Russia a profession of the manager who especially have experience in the large prospering organizations, - the most prestigious and paid. We want it or we do not want. Now literally at each intersection labor market just cries out: Give us skilled workers of a hand, and then we will reconstruct the whole world!

We will not exaggerate a role of managers in our today`s life. As well as to underestimate the deficiency of skillful working hands formed literally in recent years. Managers, as well as workers, too everyones are. And different are necessary. Of course, value in new Russian realities of the specialized and qualified management and managers for many Russian enterprises (is wider - spheres of economy, policy, business, culture, education), is obvious.

But there is obvious also a fact that the most considerable, proryvny contribution to development of these or those organizations and branches of economy, spheres of life the people having the corresponding administrative profile, high qualification, discipline, experience (or as now becomes fashionable to speak create not so much, professional administrative competences), and the people also capable to undertake at the right time any additional responsibility for the solution of these or those difficult or badly tractable problems to work in the conditions of uncertainty, to formulate new idea of its decision, to build the effective action program, to carry away this program of people, to create team of adherents and to lead them.

In this case we speak about leaders, about the leader potential of our economy, business, policy, culture, education. It is possible to claim with a big share of confidence that among all deficiencies which Russia has now the Russian economy, the Russian people, our enterprises and the organizations, the biggest deficiency is deficiency of such people. you do not trust

in it?! Then look around. How many any problems and problems lie in any area of the reality surrounding us. Why lie? Not because they are interesting to nobody and just it do not care about them. Perhaps, there is already everything. But there will be no person capable this problem in any way to lift, charge himself with the most difficult and difficult task - at least a little, but to begin to change this world to the best. In much known to us and the successful organizations heads simply a wolf howl . And not because they have no money or material and human resources. They have no people who would be capable to start creatively and effectively a huge and perspective flywheel of Business in action, to create new, effective, having long-term prospects.

B too time to all of us should be understood long ago that leaders will not undertake from anywhere. In our country it is considered to be sometimes that life of the people when that is demanded by circumstances, is capable in hard cases to put forward from the ranks of this sort of people. Like, get Russia to intolerable circumstances and, here to you, please, on a proscenium of history such people as Minin and Pozharsky, Peter I, Suvorov, Zhukov, Mordashov etc. move forward. But all this mythology if not to tell more - aspiration to avoid responsibility for the present, wishing own terrible minuses, shortcomings to turn into certain advantages, into plus. Like, such history and such genetics are guilty! We are also glad and circumstances are stronger than us!

Somehow we witnessed a sharp dispute between students - are born or become leaders. Proceeding from the routine educational experience, all of them claimed that are born leaders. Or something is close to it. To me who was professionally engaged in training of leaders several years, the similar course of discussion seemed surprising. Yes begin to move really you in any direction, participate in some student`s projects, believe in the star and the psychology of the leader, anyway, in you will surely break through, will be shown.

Leaders were necessary in the history of mankind, are necessary now and will be necessary always. Moreover, we claim - just as in a hot time, for example in the period of the Great Patriotic War, heroes are required for any country in a mass order, and now when it is necessary to lift up almost all spheres of life and activity of our country - leadership has to become on the present the mass phenomenon.

It, now, a question of an exit to a proscenium of history of the country, each city, the enterprise, organization, student`s group, a school class puts life simply - leaders, people capable to carry out breaks even if in microstories of the separate enterprise or educational institution it is necessary to prepare. It is not necessary to hope that when passes " fondly; hour X leaders will appear as - as if there is no place. It is necessary to look for them, to create them conditions, to learn, to form, give opportunities for self-realization. And it is necessary to do it, since a school and student`s bench when the identity of the person, his ideals, outlook, an orientation, the most important features of intellectual, emotional and strong-willed spheres is formed.]