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The Italian fashion of streets - the Diesel brand birth?

Italian fashion of streets ― Diesel brand birth.

Imagine New - York the middle 80kh years. Long racks were employed in shops with suits of strictly classical cut... As it to us is not strange now not only in America, but also in Stockholm, London and Paris in department stores there were practically no casual informal clothes. And now present the young man who suggests to sell to these shops jeans with holes and effect of an attrition moreover at the price, above usual by one and a half times! First reaction, clear, shock and not understanding ― same low-quality, worn goods! And as a result - refusal behind refusal. Having been going to go already home to native Italy the young man sees a show-window of Antique Boutique shop, selling stylish things in the spirit of a retro. Comes and tells administrations of boutique such words: I believe that my jeans have a future. Wait! Take away on my models only one square meter of the area, and if you do not manage to realize all party, I will redeem what will remain . They agreed...

So victorious procession of the creator of the Diesel brand Renzo Rosso along the world began. I think it is already not necessary to say that this square meter was bought up for few days... And all this began with the mother`s Singer machine and desire to have jeans - a flare from 42 cm of width in a bottom. Dream practically any Italian boy of that time. And what? Sewed moreover so that now every evening stayed at home and scribbled - scribbled, for friends, acquaintances who paid it 2 euros for those times. And from this business something can it will turn out - he thought then...

the Termination of technical college of the textile industry in Padua, work as the manager on production in the Moltex company specializing in production of trousers of various brands led young Renzo Rosso to idea to create the fashion, the brand. Also he addressed the director Adriano Goldshmid, he became the first mentor Rosso. In 1978 their joint project of own brand of jeans is created. The name Diesel was offered by Adriano, the international word sounding in all languages was necessary it is identical. 1985 Renzo redeems Goldshmid`s share and begins, as he said, with easy soul to create things of the taste. The brand got a new wave of popularity at appearance of the creative director Uilbert Das. It came to the company in 1988.

We were always admired by things in a kitsch esthetics, bright, decorative. Sometimes we call this retro style - futuristic, however such term nevertheless not absolutely captures the essence. We like to mix the different stylistic directions, to heat up hints. We in every possible way try to disprove traditional ideas of good taste. We are not interested in fashion ― we prefer to create things which for hundred percent reflect our creative approach. Diesel specializes in an antimode .

The separate word wants to be told about PR - campaigns and the advertizing courses of a brand. 1991 the management of the company made the decision on start of the international advertizing campaign together with small Stockholm firm Paradiset. It is not dependent on whether advertizing bears a real message, or it is calculated only on shocking, amusing and drawing attention to a brand, one that it is very effective is clear. In the spring of 1994 - go Diesel starts a roller under optimistical name The End: in the dark avenue the girl is pursued by the maniac with an enormous hatchet; on their way there is some party, and the hatchet is used, eventually, to cut huge festive cake. The British independent television commission ran into MTV for emergence violence scenes (snobs and hypocrites!) threatened with a fine of 50 thousand pounds sterling, the channel had to obey and throw out a roller from air.

The same destiny expected one more misunderstood masterpiece of Alpine Village: the herd of cows which is dressed up in belongings from Diesel passes through the mountain village under the name LLeh (the hint: to read from right to left). Everything that is seen by cows in this small village, could be characterized as cow pornographic dreams - generally, as well as it is necessary in hell. But a visual row accurately lets know: authors of a creative just deride an advertizing stereotype about a healthy Alpine way of life when in each roller handsome young guys ride snowboards, eating cough pills and inhaling fresh mountain air. And still there beavers do to cows massage. Which of these creative producers smokes more, a controversial issue.

Little Rock, Arkansas - in general a cheating limit! Two cowboys: the handsome - machoes from Diesel which translates through the street of old women and the unshaven, belching geek who takes away from children darlings of a chup - a chupsa face with each other. Duel is inevitable, but ours will win. Ha - ha! Not here - that was! Padonok snatches out the gun and kills our macho. Nevertheless has to be on the contrary! Well, everything is correct. It is Diesel, so the old world does not exist any more.]