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Scarfs of manual and factory work. What it is better? Councils the Internet - Palantin shop. ru

at the time of domination of mechanical production handwork is highly appreciated especially. Unless it is not pleasant to receive a product which is created not by heartless cars, but hands of real masters of the business? In a product the heart and soul of the master is put, and, as a rule, it is unique - the only thing, unique in own way.

The Orenburg down products matched exclusively manually a century ago. Only about 70 years ago the factory which gave an impetus to development of mechanical production was created. At the same time it is impossible to tell that “everything became by heartless cars“. At Factory there were masters of villages known for the pukhovyazalny trade introducing the best of the abilities and knowledge in new production. Perhaps, it caused that, as nowadays pukhovyazalshchitsa, as a rule, yours faithfully belong to factory production, noting its advantages:

better turns out core of products,

on factory products - rather difficult and interesting patterns to which sometimes pukhovyazalshchitsa pay the attention, enriching “arsenal“ of patterns,

palatines and spider lines turn out thin due to special hard spinning of down,

amazing shawls are not able to connect with an embroidery of a pukhovyazalshchitsa.

However any who understands the Orenburg down products, will tell that handwork surpasses factory. And on that is the reasons:

independent spinning of down (handwork concerns not only knittings, but also spinning of down) that positively affects quality of products,

independent choice of raw materials : if the factory uses different types of down, then pukhovyazalshchitsa choose one type of down, as a rule, very quality,

process of spinning of down and the knitting takes from 2 weeks to 1 month : skilled pukhovyazalshchitsa knit as any “heartless“ car cannot connect.

The problem is that to distinguish products of vysokachestvenny handwork from low-quality hardly. Standard picture: when to Orenburg there arrive nonresident visitors, the first about what the thought appears, - where to buy the Orenburg down scarf. Wait for guests with pleasure at the station, offering them soft fluffy scarfs. If the guest, having sustained temptation, reached the Central market, it will be followed by the similar offer. The few nevertheless find shops where factory work is on sale. It turns out that almost all guests buy a handiwork either at the station, or on a market. A problem - that just in these parts products are on sale, as a rule, poor quality.

From possible shortcomings:

of the Product are combed out by a crest : the scarf turns out as a result fluffy and soft, swelled as if hangs down from a scarf. Though such products can seem first delightful, in a month from them there can already be only cotton or viscose threads - all down will get out.

by used low-quality goat down : the cost of the real Orenburg goat down significantly exceeds the cost even of high-quality down of goats of other breeds. The desire to save urges on to use of even more low-quality grades.

the Ratio “a basis - down“ is shifted by in favor of a basis - cotton or silk threads : though at any Orenburg down scarf there is a basis, the used ratio between these components is important here. Unjustified shift towards down will lead to the fact that the scarf “will be scattered“. Shift towards a basis (which generally is also used as usual threads are cheaper than down) leads to decline in quality of a product. Why to buy down a scarf if in it there is not enough down?

by uses “a zapryadny thread“. 2 ways of spinning Exist: or the down is spun separately, and then ssuchivat a down thread with cotton or viscose (silk), or spin down and the main thread together. In the first case the high-quality strong thread turns out, in the second case (“ a zapryadny thread“) quality leaves much to be desired.

Spinning is carried out by machine means. In the best products uses a thread, spryadenny manually by means of a spindle.

Knitting is carried out by machine means. It can concern product core. The real handiwork matches completely manually.

by use primitive patterns. Labour input of work depends on complexity of patterns - the pattern is simpler, the less forces are applied to knitting.

High-quality handwork is difficult to be found even to residents of Orenburg. Products from the real Orenburg down at all a rarity: the Orenburg goats remained not so much, and the cost of the Orenburg down is high. Respectively it is to a lesser extent used by pukhovyazalshchitsa as demand for expensive products in the Orenburg region is small. Sometimes, to buy a scarf, a spider line or a palatine from the real Orenburg down, it is necessary to go to the regional countries.

At the beginning of 2007 in the Internet - Palantin shop. ru appeared the Orenburg down handiwork: scarfs, spider lines, palatines, kerchiefs. Experts of Palantin. ru watch closely quality of the presented production. Some products - from the real Orenburg down, amazingly gentle and beautiful. Part of products - from the Volgograd down, warm and practical.]