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How to plan a sex of the child?

Some future parents are upset when they at the first ultrasonography learn that the child not of that floor what they cherished in the dreams. Whether it is possible to deceive the nature and in advance to choose sex of future child?

I Present you ways of baby gender planning.

1. The special diet is recommended to

For conception of the boy prevalence in an organism of ions of potassium and sodium, and it is as little as possible ions of calcium and magnesium. It is for this purpose offered to eat meat, fish, potatoes, mushrooms, dry white beans, lentil, dried peas, bean, from eggs to eat only protein. From fruit sweet cherry, apricots, peaches, prunes, dried apricots, dates are especially necessary. The recommended drinks: tea, beer, fruit juice, soda mineral waters. Also cookies, biscuits, a semolina and rice are useful to the woman wishing to conceive the boy. Besides, advise the woman to salt as much as possible all food, to eat tinned products and yeast.

It is not recommended: milk and dairy products, mineral waters with calcium, shrimps, crabs, fish roe, pastries from the test based on eggs, bread, pancakes, wafers, confectionery on milk, a green salad, siliculose haricot, green beans, crude cabbage, cress - salad, fennel, walnuts, a filbert, almonds, a peanut, cocoa, milk chocolate.

To conceive the girl, in a diet of future mother there have to be many ions of calcium and magnesium, but it is not enough potassium and sodium. Such combination is provided: meat in limited quantity, the fresh or quick-frozen fish, all types of pastries without salt and yeast, eggs, potato in limited quantity, eggplants, an asparagus, beet, carrots, cucumbers, cress - salad, green beans, peas, pepper, onions, tomatoes. And also unsalted almonds, filbert, peanut, sugar, honey, spices, jam and fragrant herbs. From drinks coffee, tea, cocoa, calcic mineral waters are useful.

At the same time it is necessary to avoid the put too much salt food, carbonated drinks, tinned juice and Pepsi - Coca. It is necessary to exclude sausages, ham, smoked products, salty and tinned fish, crayfish and shrimps, all cheeses, ice cream, usual grades of bread and confectionery of industrial production, corn and tinned vegetables, fried potatoes, crude tomatoes, lentil, salty dried fruits, plums, apricots, sweet cherry, bananas, oranges, currant, melons. During this period it is impossible to eat salt, yeast, soda, olives, margarine, spicy sauces, and any canned food.

It is necessary to keep to a diet since the beginning of a menstrual cycle before alleged conception.

Average percent of successful hits - 82. Strictly scientific explanation of this technique does not exist. Most likely, endocrine functions of an organism, hormonal balance change that finally influences gametes. It is proved only that temporary observance of a diet does not do any harm to an organism. After conception future mother can eat everything that wants (and that is useful for the kid).

2. Use of frequency of sexual intercourses This method is based by

on the fact that man`s spermatozoa are more mobile, it is more of them (several times), but they have less than the term of life. At female - on the contrary. The natural mechanism of regulation of a numerical ratio of floors is based on it:

Sex - at a limit of abilities of the man or about that (we imitate a natural situation of a shortcoming of males and surplus of females) - at an eyakulyata are present at frequent occupations and man`s and female spermatozoa in a natural proportion, but the first have advantage at the expense of the bigger number and mobility.

At rare occupations by sex - time in 1 - 2 weeks or is more rare (we imitate a situation of surplus of males and shortage of females) - concentration " increases; female spermatozoa due to their increased survivability.

A method, certainly, probabilistic, but probability to receive required ~ 70 - 80%

3. Use of term of an ovulation

If sexual intercourse happened less than one day before an ovulation, then bright Y the first appear at the purpose. With probability to 78 percent it is possible to claim that the boy will be born. If sexual intercourse happened in 25 - 36 hours prior to an ovulation or every other day - another after it, then Y - chromosomes die. At the time of conception about an ovum there are mainly spermatozoa with X - a chromosome. Therefore also the probability of conception of the girl makes more than 71 percent. Complexity consists only in reliable calculation of time of an ovulation.

For today most true to calculate day of an ovulation by the special tests allowing to determine the level of lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone (such the test - strips are on sale in drugstores).

4. Even - Odd

of Research of one more nonconventional doctor Elena Shavrina revealed dependence of a sex of the child on age of the woman. In even years of life of future mother conception of the girl is more probable in February, April, June, August and October. In odd - in January, March, May, July, September, November. Conception of the boy happens exactly the opposite. However, the method has a restriction: it suits only those women at whom the ovulation falls on the middle of calendar month...

5. Blood updating is calculated by

To within day age of parents by day of conception. Then, the age of the father is divided into four, and mothers - into three. These magic figures are based on frequency of updating of blood - each four years at men and times in three years at women. Along with it large blood losses - operations, childbirth, blood transfusion are considered. The received decimal fractions compare, and the sex of future child is identified with a sex of that parent whose biorhythmic indicator is more (and, therefore, whose " blood; is newer ) . By the way, if a Rhesus factor - a factor at mother negative, then on the contrary whose rest is less.

Probability of success of the forecast - from 68 to 98 percent.

6. Influence of the moon

at the end of 50 - x years the Czech doctor O. Jonas made almost revolutionary discovery: undoubtedly, along with a menstrual cycle there was a second, individual cycle of the greatest predisposition to conception set already since the birth and with an absolute accuracy the accompanying all reproductive period of life of the woman. This second cycle is oriented on that phase of the Moon which preceded the birth of this woman. Each return of the corresponding phase of the Moon means for the specific woman the period of the greatest predisposition to conception (the fertile period) and to reproduction. For definition of a phase of the Moon (distance between the Moon and the Sun in ecliptic longitude) it is necessary to know hour of the birth. If you do not know the hour of the birth, then be guided by 12 o`clock in the afternoon.

Later, detailed researches yielded amazing result: if for conception optimum days of both cycles are used, then 85% of fertilization fall on a cycle of change of phases of the Moon and only 15% - on the known biological cycle. The fertile period comes at those moments when both cycles are crossed.

Thereby doctor Jonas was hit in hands a key by means of which it became possible to calculate precisely the days of any woman which are most predisposed to conception. The received dates could be used in order that or to be protected from pregnancy, or to become pregnant with the greatest probability. It is possible to assume that in times when the person in much bigger degree lived in a unification with space rhythms, the monthly ovulation coincided with the corresponding phase of the Moon and therefore, as a rule, there were no two cycles. At some women the uniform cycle remained and today. Big sensitivity to a cycle of phases of the Moon is confirmed also by the following experience: if at the woman, a long time of not having ovulation, it was caused special massage of connecting fabrics, then treatment was the most successful if it began some days before its approach on a settlement ovulation according to Moon phases, than in any other time or in the middle of a menstrual cycle.

At all girls who were born in a full moon or in a new moon, and the fertile period comes in a full moon or, respectively, in a new moon. Perhaps, it is also a natural rhythm from which we left so far. As a result of further researches d - r Jonas made amazing discovery: relying on astrological calculations, it is possible to predict a sex of future child with 98% confidence.

The moon passes each 2,5 days a way between female and man`s zodiac sign. If your fertile period coincides with the period when in a female sign, you have a Moon 98% probability of conception of the girl if with the period when the Moon in a man`s sign - the boy. In order that it is reliable to define a sex of the child, it is necessary to think of it one day before and six hours after the moment of your greatest predisposition to conception.

If phases of both cycles of the fertile period on time are located a row, then establishment of a floor can be approximate as between both phases astrological phases change. If you do not know time of the birth and as it was already recommended, the hour the births defined as 12 o`clock in the afternoon, you should be careful at the choice of a floor.

7. The choice of a pose at sexual contact to the Birth of the boy promotes

conception in a " position; man behind and girls - usual classical man from above .

One wise professor said to medical students that the accuracy of each of these methods - 50%. They wrote down it in notebooks, and having thought, understood: 50% are either the boy, or the girl! I think that the desired child is always happiness irrespective of the fact which he a floor!