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Who all - killed John Kennedy?

News that in Dallas, the State of Texas, the President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed shook the whole world. His murderer was quickly detained, but all some two days later is shot in the face of millions of TV viewers. There passed more than forty years, however theories of plot exist and until now.

The president was warned about danger of a trip to Dallas: in this ultrareactionary city it had many foes. But John Kennedy swept aside all objections aside. He considered for himself more important to strengthen political positions in Texas, having caught support of such influential figures as the governor John Connelly on whom it would be possible to count, decide to stand it for new term.

In the morning on November 22, 1963 John Kennedy in the presence of the adviser Kenneth O`Donnell said enough - the terrible phrase which was prophetical. If somebody wants to shoot the president, - he told, - it will be easy to make it. It is necessary to take only a rifle with a riflescope, to climb up the high building, and here nothing can be done .

On arrival in the Dallas airport the president with the wife sat down on a back seat of the open car in which the governor and Mrs. Connelly went. It was the second crew of the autotrain going to the city where the president should deliver a speech during lunch.

At 12 hours 30 minutes the train slightly slowed down speed before entrance to the threefold tunnel on the highway. The bodyguard sitting in the first car told the driver: Five More minutes, and it on the place . In crowd of the people standing lengthways the highway between a book warehouse and the tunnel somebody Abraham Zapruder aimed the chamber at the presidential car. Other viewer - Charles Brend - lifted up the five-year-old son that that could wave with a hand to the president. Having noticed the child, Kennedy smiled and waved in reply.

Suddenly shots thundered. The bullet passed through the president`s neck, and then through a back, a breast, the first wrist and the left hip of the governor Connelly. Kennedy grabbed a throat; Connelly, being covered with blood, failed on the wife`s hands. Having heard shout of the governor, Mrs. Kennedy turned to the president just while the second bullet got to it into the head.

Several minutes later Lee Harvey Oswald left the building of the Texas warehouse of school textbooks from where from an angular window on the sixth floor it made two shots. In 13. 15 Oswald laid the police officer J. Tippit who stopped him to interrogate. The witnesses who called police specified where he hides. Oswald was arrested for Tippit`s murder, and also accused of Kennedy`s murder, however declared the non-participation in the second crime.

A conclusion of the report of the commission under the chairmanship of the Supreme judge Earl Warren: the president was killed by the fanatic - the single Lee Harvey Oswald. However already at that time there were first doubts. Oswald acted not one, told some, he was a hitman of the international organization. The Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is behind the killer, and it is possible, and intelligence agencies of the USSR. Others claimed that FBI agents and CIA are involved in it. At last, rumors that Kennedy fell a victim of mafia were most persistently exaggerated.

Warren`s commission came to conclusion that Kennedy was struck with two bullets sent from above and behind that coincided with the official version about Oswald as to the murderer - the single. This conclusion was based on the analysis of the movie of Zapruder and in drawings of judicial physicians.

At the end of 70 - x years one more proof underwent repeated studying: the tape recorder of the Dallas police officer escorting on the motorcycle the president`s train on November 22, 1963. From - for technical malfunctions the tape recorder remained included on all in ways from the airport. Plainly did not listen to a film as, except for weak rustle, it, appear, did not record any distinguishable sounds. The commission offered experts - to akustika once again to study a tape recording with application of modern computer methods. Having found the sounds reminding rifle-shots on a film experts went to Dallas and made a number of shots on the place of murder.

Having compared new record to record 15 - summer prescription, they could allocate four distinct shots. Moreover, they claimed that they can define from where shots proceeded. Three of them were really made from a warehouse window where there was Oswald. (Three sleeves were found in a window; possibly, once Oswald missed.) But here the fourth shot was made at a short distance, in front and to the right of the car of the president. Someone another, standing on the hillock which overgrew a grass from which the way of all procession was visible, also aimed in the president.

Witnesses claimed as if they saw over a hillock a smoke cloudlet from a shot and noticed some men leaving the parking which was nearby on cars with emblems of CIA though, according to representatives of this organization, none of their people that day would should not be there.

In Zapruder`s movie it is visible how the head of the president shook forward probably after the first bullet flying behind passed through his neck. But then sharp breakthrough of the head followed back - as though the fatal bullet got in front and, having left behind, demolished to it the half-heads. Having weighed all proofs, the committee of the House of Representatives came in 1979 to conclusion that Kennedy, possibly, it was killed as a result of plot . But who conspirators were? No word was told about it in the report.]