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Why to study and how it is correct to do it? Whether

Happened to you it that you began to study something and then gave up training? With enthusiasm began to learn, for example, English, solemnly swore to themselves that this time precisely learn it, and in 1 - 2 month at you appeared more important affairs, unforeseen financial expenses and you threw courses? Or you opened the book about computers with intention to understand up to the end some program and through 1 - 2 pages postponed it with thought Not now, it is necessary to make one urgent call ? Or you read up until the end of the page and did not remember about what you just read?

However in the modern world we need to continue the education throughout all life. Today knowledge is updated each 6 years thanks to prompt acceleration scientifically - technical progress. As a result, young people after the termination of higher educational institutions by 25 - 28 years are owners of already outdated knowledge ( from article of the academician E. M. Malitikov World information space and market economy of Russia ) . Requirements to employees constantly grow - knowledge of English, the computer, office equipments is necessary at the device practically for any work now. It is necessary to be trained, improve constantly the skills to remain demanded, to keep the workplace and to succeed in life.

The person appears in a difficult situation - on the one hand, he should continue training not to lag behind life, to realize the potential, ambitions, to embody the dreams in reality. On the other hand - when he remembers school days, full misunderstandings, fog, feeling of emptiness, fear of examinations, cramming, inability to comprehend an essence of things, and also numerous attempts to begin training, terminated in failure - the thought of training of delight does not cause.

But interest in knowledge is inherent in all people since the birth - to remember any child to whom everything is interesting enough - and that lies in this box and what two holes in a wall where mother inserts two sticks are. The desire to know is a natural, inherited quality of the person.

What happens to our desire to know with age? Whether it is normal that during training we have to get it together, connect will power and be torn through laziness, fatigue, feeling of emptiness in the head, desire to give up study, feeling of own nonsense, boredom? Whether you why so occurs reflected?

Actually, the answer is very simple. During training you met some difficulty, something that had no time for the end clear in the studied material. And how the person in that area where he does not understand something feels? Whether long you will be able to listen to the report on the latest computer developments abounding with technical terms, unclear for you, with pleasure? Or lecture on nuclear physics in technical college? Of course, no. Because nobody wants to feel incapable, silly, got confused. And the person, without knowing how to cope with difficulties in training, finds a way out - to be discharged of this area, or it is simpler - to run away, throw, to postpone training.

But the solution of this problem exists - it is technology training, i.e. the answer to a question AS to study . Imagine a situation if you precisely know how to cope with any difficulty in study? If you, having faced misunderstanding, precisely know its source and how to overcome it? And you will be able independently to understand any subject? For example, if to you there is a situation And - you take a step of B; if there is a situation In - you take a step of. At the same time it is unimportant whether you listen to lecture on artificial intelligence in the crowded audience of the megalopolis or in a privacy you read the Veda in remote corners of Tibet. All of you equally can independently define: 1) what difficulty you faced, 2) that it is necessary to make to cope with it and with pleasure to study further. Your success in training now only in your hands. Then study will always give you pleasure, and in this case you will become the person capable to acquire any new technologies very much and very quickly. To acquire - to make the to understand their essence and to receive ability to use them, but not just to learn that they exist.

You can study technology of training in Applied Formation of the CIS.

Learn to study! And then study all life, study with pleasure! The future of the person, his happiness depends on ability to be trained and apply the studied data in life.

of Progress to you and prosperity! ]