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How to make the Mirror country of the apartment?

Skilfully placed mirror are capable to turn even very small room into the huge hall. Use of mirrors in an interior allows to beat any space, to add to it light, to allocate the most advantageous elements and to hide unsuccessful.

Long since the mirror was considered as the subject having magic force. It is a lot of legends and fairy tales it is connected with magic mirrors which represented both the kind, and evil beginning. We trust in many of them to this day. For example, it is impossible to hang up mirrors opposite to each other and on the contrary entrance door - such arrangement breaks a current of power streams.

Mirrors in which we cannot see the head entirely badly influence our health and this fact can become the reason of headaches. Also the mirror should not look at the sleeping people as it in that case acts as the power vampire.

It is better to approach a mirror in good mood because, according to researchers, communicating with a mirror, we put in it the positive or negative program. Earlier after visit of unpleasant people the mirror was washed away spring water to wash away others energy. To trust all this or not - a personal record of everyone. But the mirror plays a large role in modern life, turning into an important element of design.

You will be able to decorate the house and to make it unlike the others, to dream up rather only a little, and I in turn offer you several councils.

For example, in a narrow hall it is possible to hang up a big mirror on the right or to the left of an entrance, you considerably will expand with it space of the room and before an exit from the house will be able to inspect yourself in all growth, to correct a scarf or a hairdress.

Do not cover a wall with a mirror tile, such image splits up and destroys harmony of your image.

If you arrange in a small bathroom a mirror in a corner - it will be the optimal solution. And nearby it is possible to hang up a small mobile mirror with increase, for convenient shaving or drawing a make-up.

A mirror over a dresser - the convenient place for an exhibition of souvenirs. With its help they can be seen from all directions in addition a peculiar dressing table will turn out.

The mirror located over a desk as experts in the area the fan - Shui note, allows to remove psychological discomfort. Sitting at a table has an opportunity, without turning around, to see those who come into the room.

And here the mirror placed in kitchen allows to light brightly the room with a sunlight, positive energy and will help to create to the hostess good mood. In kitchen mirrors of a convex form, and also brilliant ware will be pertinent, but there are a wish to make a reservation at once that during food of people should not see the reflection.

Skillfully located mirrors, will help to destroy the sad atmosphere, will create harmony of space, will cause feeling of freedom.

So, dare and dream!]