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How to enter houseplants in an interior?

Flowers bring harmony and esthetic satisfaction in our life, are a good source of psychological unloading and an antistress factor at all seasons of the year. How it is the most ergonomic to place room gardens on the limited metric area of a city living space? vegetable compositions are very different

On character and the sizes - from a desktop miniature to a winter garden therefore to each type of an interior there correspond the models of compositions.

For example, dual frames, window sills, deficiency of the area force to give preference to vertical gardening with partial use of the horizontal plane. For this purpose capacities with plants fix on arms, place on decorative lattices, the glazed partitions.

Where architectural planning of the building allows, it is possible to use for suspended gardening of a niche, an arch and window openings. Are very beautiful suspended to a ceiling flower chandeliers - flowerpots with plants. Such vertical the option allows to plant trees and shrubs as much as possible in the room and at the same time not to occupy the space on a floor. Do not forget, the room is more spacious, the more largely there have to be flowers.

Especially beautifully plants on a modest, soft background look. If a pattern on wall-paper small - large-leaved plants perfectly look, filigree leaflets of ferns or a tsiperius will approach a bright pattern of wall-paper.

At registration of an interior plants it is necessary to pay attention to light hade. When flowers stand at the wall lit with the sun, their shadows form an entertaining pattern. And if they stand against light, on a window sill, then the general contours are especially allocated.

The good effect is reached if tone of curtains, wall-paper, a furniture upholstery repeat in flowers.

If the interior is under construction on contrast black and white, then rich colors of plants will give to freshness an overall picture.

To straight lines and elegantly curved forms of furniture from steel, glasses, marble and the varnished tree will approach or plants of clear and distinct forms: the sanseviyeriya is trekhpolosy, a monstera attractive, a dragon tree and a guzmania - or for sharp contrast easy plants: ferns, pink azalea.

To furniture from a bamboo and a rattan, bromeliya and orchids, a wax ivy, a jasmine etc. approach wattled regiments, low little tables. The Japanese note can be given to an interior, having decorated it with a bamboo, azaleas and plants of culture a bonsai.

The English and French styles of furniture are in harmony with the bushy and magnificently blossoming plants in which shape there is a softness: cyclamen, camellia, and also palm trees and treelike kadochny plants.

It is important to be able to choose the most expressive types which are harmoniously combined with an apartment interior from all variety. Naturally, it is impossible to neglect also their specific features.

In a hall where there is no direct light, bunches of dry flowers, in a complicated manner curved branches will approach.

In the working room it is possible to allow practically any kind of plants, flowers in a drawing room are especially desired.

Magnificent flower compositions can be created in a niche of a wall or a ledge. Each plant can be presented in an interior as separate.

Solitera have to be perfectly created, placed in decorative capacity and are placed so that them it was visible from all directions.

Large plants - on a floor or on low supports, average and small - on high, escapes creeping and climbers have to reach the level of eyes of the person.

The great value has appearance of capacities which contain plants. It can be graceful decorative, plastic and ceramic, desktop, wall and suspended cache-pots - vases.

Brightly painted plastic cache-pots are good for nurseries.

Low ceramic flowerpots of a various form and coloring can be used for the device of the picturesque tiny compositions decorating a drawing room interior.

The suspensions for plants weaved in equipment of a macrame are good for a modern interior.

Do not hesitate to combine and experiment, and then at all seasons of the year your look will please the blossoming Semiramis`s gardens despite limitation of free space of rather small, at first sight, city dwelling.]