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Secrets of a healthy sleep or How it is correct to choose a pillow and a blanket?

carries out a Third of life of people in a dream. A full-fledged dream - pledge of successful day and good health therefore first of all it is very important to pick up correctly a pillow and a blanket which will help you to relax and will present feeling of a cosiness. by

Before choosing a pillow, determine a shape of the nape . So, straighten a backbone, raise the head, you look forward, and feel the nape basis. For a little concave form will be suitable a pillow of average thickness. If the nape is considerably bent , choose a high and firm pillow. The small and soft pillow optimum will suit those who have a flat nape . And here if a shape of a nape convex , then is recommended to sleep without pillow.

The main characteristic of a good pillow - it has to support the head and cervical department of a backbone that you could relax properly and have a rest well.

The person with diseases of a back needs to sleep on a rigid bed, on a special orthopedic mattress and a pillow. Height of a pillow depends on feature of a constitution: the neck is longer and shoulders are wider, the above there has to be a pillow.

It is not less important to pick up correctly a filler pillows.

The pillow from goose down - air-permeable, very soft and cozy, is capable to keep heat long.

The pillow from sheep wool is easily aired too, is moisture resistant and capable to serve very long time, till 10 years. However natural fillers can cause an allergy and demand regular cleaning since they attract dust ticks. And still, such pillows accumulate heat and will not suit those who like to fall asleep with feeling of a cool.

Synthetic fillers (for example, a holofayber) - soft, easy, air-permeable, are hypoallergenic, perfectly get into condition.

Pillows from vegetable fillers (a buckwheat peel, " cones; hop, a cover of rice, a grass) ideally repeat head contours, mass skin, do not cause an allergy. But a shortcoming them that the term of their service only about 2 years, besides, the rustle published at each movement can disturb a sensitive dream very much.

The most durable is the pillow from natural latex which basis - pitch of a tropical tree a hevea. It is capable to serve about 20 years, at the same time remaining elastic, and at the same time soft.

At last, it is necessary to notice that accustoming to a new pillow will require about three nights.

And we will choose a blanket now . Here the main thing to be convinced that material of which it is made kept heat, was moisture resistant and air-permeable.

A duvet the lung, well absorbs sweat and passes air, but quickly dampens and can become a source of allergic reactions. The most valuable and expensive down - from an eider, duck down - the heaviest, goose - warm and soft. The qualitative duvet is stitched by squares. Service life of such blanket - 15 - 20 years.

The woolen blanket perfectly absorbs moisture, and it quickly disappears; removes a muscular and nervous stress, static electricity. A shortcoming it that wool, besides, can cause an allergy. For cold winter nights it is better to choose a quilted duvet, and the plaid perfectly will be suitable for other seasons. About 15 years will serve such blanket.

A synthetic blanket - the most widespread and available, it consists of several types of fibers. The synthetic winterizer - a convenient filler, but quickly gets out of a shape. The polyester processed by silicone does not roll down and meets all requirements. Ideal options - fibers, hollow inside, for example, tinsuleyt, hollofit: they are soft, easy and perfectly keep heat. Synthetic blankets provide air circulation and do not cause an allergy. Their only shortcoming - they can accumulate static electricity.

we Wish you a sound and healthy sleep!