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How to make squids salad?

Today I will acquaint you with squids salad. In spite of the fact that the squid in itself is tasteless, at the correct preparation from squids remarkable salads turn out. Therefore now I submit you several recipes of such salad.

Squid salad

to you it will be required by

For the recipe to b:

- 100 g of a boiled squid,

- 1 potatoes,

- 1 cucumber,

- 1,5 carrots,

- 2 eggs,

- 50 g of salad or green onions,

- 30 g of peas tinned,

- 3/4 glasses of mayonnaise,

- salt to taste,

- fennel.
the Description of a dish

of the Frozen squid to boil

in cold water, then within several minutes to scald in hot (80 - 90 º C) and a rigid brush to clean off a film from its surface. After this squid carefully to wash out and put to cook. (On 1 kg of a squid of 2 l of water and 20 g of salt) to add the cut root of parsley, spice to the boiling water, to put a squid, to bring quickly to boiling and to cook at weak boiling of 3 - 5 min. To cut the cooled-down squid across fibers thin straws, and vegetables and boiled eggs - thin slices. Products to mix, add peas, to dress with mayonnaise, to put a hill in a salad bowl and to decorate. When giving on a table to strew salad with fennel.

Squids oranges salad

to you it will be required by

For the recipe to b:

- 400 g of squids,

- 260 g of fennel,

- 3 oranges,

- salt, pepper to taste.
Squids to cut

on ringlets or lengthways, shortly to extinguish in olive oil, to add fennel (to clear and thinly to cut), to stir, fill in with juice of one orange and to extinguish 2 - 3 min. To peel two oranges as apples, having removed also an external white film. As a sharp knife to choose orange segments without thin skin. To mix juice of one orange a venichok with olive oil.

Warm squids with fennel and fillet of oranges to spread out on plates, to dig orange marinade, to strew with greens of fennel and to give.

Squid salad with walnuts

to you it will be required by

For the recipe to b:

- 1 kg of squids,

- 1/2 glass of raisin,

- 1/2 glass of walnuts,

- mayonnaise to taste.

of Squids to clear and boil. To fill in raisin without stones with boiled water and to allow to stand 5 minutes. To merge, to dry slightly. Squids small to cut, mix with raisin, to dress with mayonnaise, to lay out in a wide salad bowl, from above plentifully to strew with grated walnuts.

Squids, apples and fennel salad

to you it will be required by

For the recipe to b:

- 1 kg of squids,

- 2 - 3 pieces of sour apples,

- several branches of fennel,

- mayonnaise to taste.
the Cleared crude squids are cut by

on thin strips. The direction of cutting is very important for effect of a chrysanthemum. At correctly direction the strip is displaced in a pork tail if to throw it into the boiling water. I, by the way, and define the direction of cutting - I cut off a trial piece and I throw into boiled water. To cut squids and to cook in salty water no more than 3 - 4 minutes from the moment of boiling. To merge on a colander and to wash out cold water. To allow to flow down to water. To mix with a small amount of sour apples and fennel. To dress with mayonnaise. To lay out in a salad bowl a hill - looks as a flower of a chrysanthemum and taste very mysterious.

Squids and pineapples salad

to you it will be required by

For the recipe to b:

- 1 kg of squids,

- 7 eggs,

- 1 bank of tinned pineapples,

- 1/4 lemon,

- 1 bank of tinned corn,

- 200 - 250 of mayonnaise.

squids (you cook no more than 5 - ti minutes after boiling in the added some salt water) and eggs, clean, cut straws . Add corn and the sliced pineapples. Rub a dried peel of 1/4 lemon and small whip core of this chetvertushka. Mix everything turned out since 200 - 250 mayonnaise. Salad is ready.

Salad potato with squids

For the recipe to you it will be required to b:

- 200 g of squids,

- 4 - 5 potatoes,

- 2 - 3 pickles,

- 50 - 100 g of green onions,

- 100 g of sour cream,

- greens.

Frozen fillet of a squid to thaw, skin with fillet, to carefully wash out it in cold water, then to beat off on both sides and to boil in the added some salt water at weak boiling within 3 - 5 minutes, then to cool in broth and to cut straws. Boiled potatoes to slice

, green onions to wash out and chop. To cut cucumbers straws. Vegetables to mix

with squids, to salt and pepper to taste, again to mix. Before giving to fill salad with sour cream and to strew with the chopped parsley greens.

It is very good to cook such salads for holidays. It turns out and is unusual, and it is tasty.]