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How to choose the food processor?

you wait for guests, and at the sight of the mountain of products which need to be cleaned, cut, rubbed, sliced at you hands are lowered and at once the mood spoils? The food processor will help to get rid of all this.

The combine is capable to make meat and fish forcemeat, pastes, mashed potatoes in only a few minutes, to crush greens, to chop and grind vegetables and fruit, to slice products, to knead dough etc. of

the Food processor includes the engine, a bowl and a set of nozzles.

the Main indicator of the motor is rotation speed. Simple models have only one speed, and more modern - from 4 - more.

the Working bowl is a capacity in which there are processed products. In sales it is possible to get additional bowls that is very convenient when you prepare several dishes at the same time. Bowls happen plastic, metal and glass. Important parameter is bowl capacity. At the same time there is not only a maximum, but also a capacity minimum. Bowls for processing of small volume of products have a special design of a bottom and a low arrangement of nozzles.

Nozzles define possibilities of the food processor. Modern combines are completed with the following types of nozzles:

1. The knife - is intended for crushing and the cabin of products.

2. A disk knife - cutting by slices, a shinkovaniye.

3. A grater - the shredder, a grater.

4. The juice extractor - the centrifuge.

5. The juice extractor for a citrus.

6. A nozzle - the blender - for mixing of liquids, baby food, cocktails.

7. A disk - emulsifier - mixing of sauces, the liquid test, egg whites.

8. Pass - a melnichka - for crushing of small portions of products.

9. A press - a nozzle for preparation of mashed potatoes and fruit weight.

10. Ice-cream parlor.

11. A mill for grain.

At the choice of the combine it is worth deciding what assistant is necessary to you: multipurpose or compact.

Compact costs not much, takes not enough place, but has the limited number of functions. As a rule, it can cut vegetables, chop meat, mix dough. Its power on average from 400 to 700 W, has 2 - 3 speeds of rotation and a bowl 1,5 - 2,5 liters.

the Multipurpose device capable to cope with a large number of products has a set of nozzles (see above) and carries out various functions. 2,5 - 3 liters are completed with a bowl. All multipurpose combines are supplied with the blender. For convenience of use, the speed regulator calculated on 3 - 15 provisions is provided in these devices. Power of such combines, as a rule from 700 W and above.

Now let`s talk about reliability of food processors.

Generally speaking if you get modern model of the food processor, well-known companies, then, as a rule, you buy reliable equipment. All combines of new generation are rather reliable. The most vulnerable part of the device is the glass bowl. If you drop it on a tiled floor, then it, of course, will break. However, these bowls are made of shock-resistant glass and without problems bear small blows. Spare bowls are on sale practically to all food processors.

At the accurate address the combine will serve long enough. It is worth remembering that the device is calculated on 10 - 15 minutes of continuous work. After this time it should be stopped approximately on the same interval, and after to continue work.