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How to choose the juice extractor?

Among the various pieces of household appliances created for a healthy lifestyle, the juice extractor takes not the last place. Drink every morning a glass of freshly squeezed juice, and you will live longer.

The juice extractor is one of the most widespread electrical household appliances, it is possible to meet them in any shop where there is a department of household appliances. The purpose at juice extractors one - to squeeze out juice, however there are many kinds of this useful device. In particular, there are juice extractors for a citrus and universal (centrifugal).

The household juice extractor for a citrus (sometimes translate literally - a citrus - a press ) represents an unpretentious design from a motor, a cone-shaped nozzle and capacity for collecting juice. Such juice extractor is intended for juice squeezing only from oranges, grapefruits, lemons and other citrus fruits. Power at such models of small, about 20 W, but it is quite enough to wring out juice.

The principle of work is extremely simple: on the rotating nozzle you put a half of orange and strongly you press a hand; when juice ceases to be wrung out, throw out a crust even if on it still something remained. Occasionally the advanced models at which it is not necessary to hold a fruit hands meet - for this purpose there is a special lever.

Certainly, the cost of such juice extractor of time in two above, than usual. In the course of operation of the juice extractor a large number of damp pulp which accumulates under a cone-shaped nozzle is formed. In a preparation time of a large amount of juice this pulp should be deleted periodically as it litters openings through which juice gets to the tank. Juice of a citrus has features - without preservatives it remains only five - ten minutes after an extraction.

Therefore it was required to create the device allowing to prepare quickly small (a glass or two) a portion of juice, at once to pour juice from the container and to drink right there. At the same time many products leave, orange (a lemon, grapefruit) almost completely turns into pulp which is thrown out, and juice turns out very little. For example, on one glass of orange juice 2 - 3 oranges will be required. But fresh juice it is incomparable better preserved from a package both on flavoring, and on nutritious qualities.

The size of the standard container for juice at such juice extractors - one liter or is even less. At some models the container is manufactured of transparent plastic, at others is supplied with a scale for determination of level of liquid.

The domestic industry of the juice extractor for a citrus almost does not let out. On sale meet only import a citrus - the press and to tell that any producer they are issued especially well, it is impossible. The prices and productivity approximately equal at all models, difference only in subtleties of design and quality of plastic therefore we recommend to choose production of well-known firms.

Universal , or centrifugal juice extractors will help you to receive juice practically from any fruits, berries and vegetables. However it is necessary to pay attention to the names of vegetables, fruit and berries specified in the instruction as there can be exceptions. On the universal juice extractor it is possible to process a large number of fruit, but also waste is formed much.

Therefore function of an otbros of pulp is especially important: without it otzhimk will hammer a setochka, and you should be interrupted constantly on cleaning of the device. Also essential indicators are the device power, noisiness and dimensions.

The principle of operation of such unit is more difficult, than at the juice extractor for a citrus. Fruits are crushed in gruel by means of a disk grater in the beginning, then get to a separator.

The form of a separator can be both cylindrical, and conic. At a cylindrical form the best percent of an exit of ready juice (reaches 95% - and it much) is reached, however in such juice extractors it is very difficult to organize function of an otbros of pulp. It means that your juice extractor is calculated on small quantity of the processed fruits, and after 2 - 3 glasses of juice it is necessary to clear from otzhimok a separator manually.

At conical shape of a separator otbros pulp is not a problem, and it is possible to process a significant amount of fruit or vegetables, but the efficiency of the device decreases to 60 - 70%.

Domestic centrifugal juice extractors beauty do not indulge, but many of them are calculated on long continuous work and can process up to 50 kg of apples an hour, some of them can even slice vegetables for salad. Otbros pulp often happens manual. The only advantage of these noisy units - their actual productivity and universality but to receive with their help a juice cup since morning - rather labor-intensive process.

Juice extractors of foreign production are just focused not on preparations for the future, and on daily use. A rarity is otbros pulp and the container for its storage. But rustle not strongly and on a table do not jump, the strainer is easy to wash and clean them. Many models have a built-in container for collecting the prepared juice. Power which is specified in the passport of a product by producers varies from 200 W to 600 W. It is interesting that for what the firm - producer is less known, that above at models the stated power. It is connected with distinction of techniques of measurement of power and with obvious overestimate of parameters in the advertizing purposes. Therefore you should not trust this indicator.

The dispersion of the prices of centrifugal juice extractors makes from $28 to 80. Cheap products (other things being equal parameters) look very suspiciously. Most likely, it is just Chinese fakes. We recommend to buy only production of well-known companies - at low-quality products the strainer made of soft metal often breaks, the new juice extractor can badly separate juice from pulp or not wring out juice at all. Production of well proved brand differs in glossy udaroustoychivy plastic. Quality of plastic - very important factor as in the juice extractor there is its direct contact with food. It is difficult to allocate any special additional functions which are considerably distinguishing juice extractors from each other. The main thing is a reliable motor and a strainer from qualitative metal.

But if you are interested in new achievements in the field of squeezing of juice, then we can recommend you the juice extractor with function of electronic stabilization of speed and antidrop system.

We do not recommend to make purchases on sales or to take stale goods. It is long not used electric motor can lose reliability and fail. And, at last, the council which already set the teeth on edge: buying the juice extractor, attentively study the instruction - the lion`s share of claims on quality of household appliances deviates by the service centers for the misuse reason.