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How it is correct to prepare mulled wine?

Mulled wine - hot alcoholic drink which should be drunk only in a cold season. Therefore it especially is suitable for long winter and autumn evenings.

In France and Switzerland mulled wine call of vin chau , in Germany - of gluhender Wein that in translation means the hot, flaring wine.

Mulled wine gained the greatest distribution in the countries of Northern Europe and Scandinavia differing in a frigid climate. What is quite clear - this drink possesses the excellent toning properties, and also is fine means when overcooling and the most tasty cold medicine. Mulled wine also suitable drink during recovering from infectious diseases, at physical and mental exhaustion.

Mulled wine can be proud of the history . The last dinosaurs did not manage to die out on the earth and to blossom Ypocras (or Hipocris) - " began to absorb the first vineyards as mankind; gippokratovka . It is doubtful that such name was formed because on this wonderful drink the old man the doctor swore not to do harm to the patients. Just in those severe times wine was much purer drink, than water, and mulled wine was necessary in the medical purposes.

Without mulled wine it is already impossible to imagine numerous Christmas markets in Germany. Mulled wine in this country already became the same integral part of Christmas as a Christmas tree. At the same time hot wine is more senior, than a holiday of Christmas. History of mulled wine begins with wine with seasonings which was used by ancient Romans - the representative of the German institute of winemaking (DWI) in Mainz Ernst Bucher says. In order that wine was longer stored, ancient Romans added to it seasoning. To it we find confirmation in 2000 - the summer book of recipes. The citizen Rima Apitsius describes in the work conditum paradoxum process of an upclassing of wine by means of addition of cinnamon, bay leaf, a carnation, a thyme and a coriander. However throughout long time this winter delicacy was the privilege of society. Only they had an opportunity to buy expensive " seasonings; - Ernst Bucher explains.

In the 16th century recipes of transformation into mulled wine of a claret and Bordeaux for the first time were published in cookbooks. Were most often mentioned in them honey, cardamom, cinnamon and a root of a grass galingat (our way it is full ) . And a certain Robert Mai in the book 1660 of the edition suggested to mix 1 gallon of red wine with 3 ounces of cinnamon, 2 ounces of planed ginger, 1 / 4 ounces of a carnation, 1 ounce of a peel of a nutmeg, 20 peas of pepper, 3 pounds of sugar and 2 quarts of cream.

Read mulled wine and in the Victorian England. In those days Negus - one of types of mulled wine - in unlimited number gave even on children`s birthdays.

A name of the person to which to the first came to mind to mix fruit and spices with the warmed-up wine, alas, it was erased, from memory of mankind. From mulled wine history only legends remained up to now.

It is rather simple to prepare mulled wine , in it I learned by own experience. Conform to the basic rules, experiment and everything surely will turn out! In - the first, wine it is only necessary to warm up - it should not begin to boil at all, otherwise its taste will deteriorate. Wine can be chosen red, dry and not strong, they will be ideally suited for preparation of fragrant drink. In - the second, drink mulled wine hot - in it all its charm. And at last, if you use water in preparation of drink, then it is desirable to boil it in advance, otherwise it will spoil all taste.

Here simplest recipe of preparation : Mulled wine the East

For preparation of drink will be required to you: - dry red wine - 750 ml

- sugar - 100 g

- a lemon - 2 pieces

- cinnamon to taste

- a carnation of 2 - 3 pieces

Dry red wine to pour

in ware and to heat, having added a carnation and cinnamon. When wine heats up to 70 - 80 degrees to add, the juice of 1 lemon and 1 lemon cut with circles and sugar. It is good to mix everything that sugar was dissolved and to bring to boiling, but not to boil. To allow to be drawn, and it is possible to drink.

It turns out very tasty! Other recipes can be found here.]