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What is tequila and as it is correct to drink it?

the Mexican revolutionaries loved tequila, it gave courage to heart and oblivion soul.

Peak of demand for tequila in Mexico fell on a romantic era of revolution of 1910... 1917 though the legendary leader of the country movement Pancho Villa was the convinced nondrinker. History did not spare either drunkards, or leaders. When the revolutionary storm settled, Mexicans - winners and losers, rich men and poor people - heated the disappointment in a tequila bottle.

And on screens the new hero &ndash kicked up a row; the fierce rude fellow with the gentle heart which is covered with wounds by the shattered hopes. He held a glass with tequila in one hand, in another - the most beautiful girl. Tequila became a sexual character of the real man. Such thought was pleasant.

The first exit of tequila to the international scene took place in 1873 when three huge barrels were delivered from Mexico in the next North American state of New - Meksiko. In times Prohibition in the USA deliveries of tequila were carried out by smugglers. However the original world success came to tequila in 70 - x, thanks to strongly drinking students of Los - Andzheles, opened for itself a cheap and effective way to cheer up. The fashion extended to tequila as epidemic. Now the half-world it is filled in with agavovy vodka. 82 percent of the Mexican export of tequila go to the USA, 12 percent - to Europe (the main fans are concentrated in Germany, Holland, Belgium and France). 70 countries of the world drink tequila. We not an exception.

Tequila, mescal, pool - well-known triad of the Mexican strong drinks. All three were born from one mother - tropical agave.

Agave - plant universal. It was well known to the Indians using it for the most different economic needs. Everything was used. Prickles and the crowning leaves sharp thorns were used as needles, pins, nails or shilya. Stalks of flowers, sweetish on taste, were chewed as they ruminate now. Covered with skins (agave leaves) huts, from them made fire. Ashes fertilized crops. The same ashes containing a lot of caustic soda were used as chinks for washing. Received from skins and rough textile fiber. Natives did the simple clothes which served them from the birth to death of this fiber.

Indians made footwear and paper of agavovy fiber. Fiber, world renowned under the name » sisal; it is widely used and today in the technical purposes: for production of ropes, ropes, a sacking.

An agave milk as a good cow, three times a day. For this purpose in to the » cone; hiding in the socket of fleshy leaves, do a cut. From there sugary juice which is called « is sucked away; honey » water;. Period lactations proceeds during three - four months. During this time the agave gives from four to seven liters of juice daily.

From honey » water; do to a pool, mescal and tequila. The first drink is received from agavovy juice by its sbrazhivaniye, by the second and third - by means of the subsequent distillation.

The town Tequila is located at the bottom of a three-kilometer volcano Tequila, in the area where the Indian tribe tequila once lived.

Actually vodka tequila received the name in the place of the geographical origin.

Tequila happens different types. The most widespread - it is white (blanco), same transparent as our Russian vodka. After two-month endurance in an oak barrel drink gets light-a yellow shade - it turns out young (joven) or gold tequila. Tequila age from two months to one year is called defended (repasado). The most qualitative, strong and, respectively, expensive &ndash tequila; old (anejo), maintained over a year. At it it is dark - gold color and characteristic noble aroma.

&ndash tequila; a magnificent basis for various cocktails, but more often it is used in pure form. Drink with a lemon which is previously squeezed out in a glass (or exhaust lips), and a salt pinch. Salt is put on language or filled on the back of a palm and as snack pinched. Well there is a tequila with sangrity (in a literal translation into Russian - krovushka ) hot sauce of red &ndash color; mix of tomato, orange and lemon juice. The real macho has to know that it is necessary to absorb glass contents not in a volley, and small drinks. Only this way it is possible to feel a tequila beating in heart.

Curative properties of the Mexican tequila are long since known to physicians. As the Spanish doctor Jeronimo Hernandez, « drink testified in 1651; it was widely applied in the people by means of vtiraniye at bad mobility of joints . In 1875 the London medical society claimed that the tequila used in moderate doses promotes to blood clarification, stimulates digestion and it can be recommended in certain cases as a stimulant in the absence of appetite .

Being treated by tequila, the most important - to know a dose. Mexicans say that the fiend &ndash disappears in a bottle with tequila; the evil ghost ready to escape at any time outside. Observe safety measures. When you drink tequila, - experts, &ndash advise; obkrut around a bottle neck a black cord and after each dose tie on it a small knot. You will forget to make it at least once - the demon right there will jump out, and then not to pass trouble!