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What do men have to do, but, as a rule, do not do?

Each person seeks to make the life easier in some sense, for this purpose he uses the various benefits of the modern world. At the same time, in life of each of us still remains not so poorly illogical acts which bring in it a certain chaos. So, for example, men are in the habit to look for independently this or that street in the unfamiliar city just because consider that they have to find it though would be to find this street far rather, having asked the passerby. Now this problem disappeared as cards in electronic form appeared, and the person can find any street easily here so.

The problem with search of streets at men disappeared, however there are some more things which should be done to men, but who they persistently do not do for a variety of reasons:

To go on sales, to pay attention to discounts and various actions in supermarkets

of the Man, as a rule, do not do it for that simple reason that they do not want to look cheap in the opinion of other buyers. It is a shame to them to participate in various actions in supermarkets, to wholesale food small a little to save. Some men of it do not do also because of own laziness ( well, why still to try to discover something if it is possible to buy quickly what came to hand and to leave shop?! ) .

To pay attention to an expiration date of products

Many of us (and most often it are men) do not consider so important to check an expiration date of products, and it is vain. Unfortunately, in shops practically it is always possible to come across goods delayed, spoiled. For this reason not superfluous nevertheless upon purchase of goods will pay attention to an expiration date not to waste money.

Men are in the habit not to check an expiration date only for the reason that consider it (as well as washing) is slightly lower than the advantage.

To perform all operations according to the recipe

When men undertake to prepare something according to the recipe, be sure that it will be continuous improvisation. As men consider, according to the recipe can prepare everyone, on it and mind it is not necessary, and here to think up something brand new - much more difficult and in power to men. And many consider at all that to prepare for the man not for the person, it is better to marry or buy already something ready and only to warm.

Whether to keep purity and order in everything

you when you last time cleaned inside of your car Remember and how you about your footwear which already became covered with dust and when you last time carried out cleaning in the apartment and ironed your shirts?! Many think that these things to decide by itself that, actually, again speaks about usual laziness. If nevertheless to watch things, they will serve longer, and already at least for this reason it is worth being more attentive nevertheless to own car, clothes etc. than

to Read maintenance instructions of equipment up to the end

Most of men most often neglect maintenance instructions of equipment, considering that they are rather clever to understand independently. Many men consider just as waste of time to read grants on pages 30 - 40.

Nevertheless instructions should be read if it is about a difficult technique that correctly to exploit her.

To erase, following instructions on a clothes label

Of course, manifestation of an initiative from the man to washing - it is laudable, however only in case they really observe a certain mode for these or those clothes and follow instructions for washing which are available on a clothes label. Many men act by the principle the it is rather - the better . It is necessary to erase everything well at least therefore to look tidy and make only positive impression on people around.

To get rid of stuff

At each man always there will be in a case a jammed favourite shirt, pair of old jeans, old, but convenient shoes etc. Many do not seek to get rid of old things, calming themselves that they can be useful still. As a result, the case is filled with stuff. Similar occurs because men do not love sharp changes, however new - it does not mean bad changes! For this reason, be not afraid to get rid of stuff, thereby you make room for something new.]