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What versions the Internet - pagers happen?

of Ku - ku, - here and there are heard from phones and loudspeakers of computers. It the next messages come to ICQ. What for Asjka? you ask. I will answer.

Today it will be a question about a web - messengers, that is of programs of an exchange of short messages in real time. The most popular it: ICQ, called in the people ICQ Miranda_IM, AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber. Now is more detailed.

ICQ in English means I Seek You what is translated as I Look for You. In the Russian computer slang for ICQ the name " became stronger; ICQ . ICQ or ICQ is the easiest way to broaden the horizons, to get acquainted with people with similar interests, to find friends around the world, to communicate with semjyoy and colleagues. And all this does not depend on where all of them are, it is enough to download only ICQ ICQ you are ready to establish and start the client and to communication!

Miranda IM (Miranda Instant Messenger) - with its help it is possible to have an opportunity to communicate with the help of various protocols (ICQ, IRC, AIM, MSN, Jabber, Google Talk, Yahoo, Gadu - Gadu, Tlen, Netsend etc.) . As well as ICQ, Miranda is distributed for free and is easy in use.

AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM - the program - a messenger, offered by AOL firm (America OnLine).

MSN Messenger - computer service for sending instant messages aimed at house use. In August, 2004 Microsoft let out a web - the MSN Messenger`a version. Now Msn`om it is possible to use also without installation of the software on the computer. Possibilities of this version are limited only to transfer of text messages. Also there is a possibility of an ispolzyvaniye of MSN`a on mobile phones and other portable devices.

Yahoo! Messenger - (in abbreviated form Y! M) the messenger of Yahoo! firm using the proprietary protocol. The appendix raspostranyatsya free of charge. Use requires preliminary registration on a portal of Yahoo! of B Y! M are provided the following opportunities: text communication, voice communication, in particular the multiuser voice chat, videoconferences, file exchange, on-line games, the adjusted on-line broadcasts of music, the adjusted integrated access to services of a portal of Yahoo!. Has no version with the Russified interface.

Google Talk - rather recently appeared program - a messenger, distributed by Google firm for free. Differs in the small size, low insistence to system resources, simplicity of installation and control, ease of use. Feature of Google Talk consists in close integration with post service Gmail. Can communicate with users of Google Talk at setting up the relevant protocols users of Jabber - clients, such as Psi or Miranda IM.

Jabber (dzha ́ Bor; dosl. the lane with English. - chatter, chatter) - the open protocol for a fast exchange of messages and information on presence between any two subscribers in the Internet.

where to download:

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Yahoo! Messenger


Google Talk

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