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What aquarium to choose and how to equip it?

Getting an aquarium, it is necessary to remember the important rule - the more an aquarium, the care of it since in large volume biological balance is stabler is simpler. Depth of a house reservoir, in view of convenience of service, should not exceed 75 cm

Rapid development of modern technology and an ultramodernism of graphic designers say that the configuration of an artificial reservoir is not settled by a rectangle, the cylinder or a sphere. Quite often in colourful prospectuses it is possible to meet aquariums with wavy viewing panels, in the form of polygonal columns, cubes connected by cylindrical channels, shot glasses, night lamps, bells. However this singularity pursues mainly the advertizing aims. The best form still remains rectangular with these or those insignificant deviations from the standard. From the point of view of optimum gas exchange the preference is given to aquariums which height is less than width or is equal to it.

Fresh-water and sea aquariums are usually subdivided into 2 categories: decorative and special. But what aquarium you would not choose, remember the general rule: do not turn the house reservoir into a dump ill-matched and even just defective fishes. Only tidy, reasonably populated aquarium will bring you true pleasure.

A new aquarium for an insurance and elimination of harmful impurity of putty, glue and paint 2 - 3 days stand with water. In case its origin is unknown, subject to obligatory disinfection by chloric lime or chloroamine. Before direct installation the aquarium is well washed out warm water. Silicate glasses wipe with a damp kapron tampon, a grid with salt or soda, pleksovy - without salt and soda. Not to scratch a surface in aquariums from plexiglas, it is impossible to apply a shaving scraper and magnetic brushes to removal of vodoroslevy educations.

The size of an aquarium depends on room opportunities. It is better to establish it on North - East side in the most dark place where it is easier to dose light. The aquariums which are built in furniture are very attractive; bookcase, wall, bar. Solar lighting is applied only in exceptional cases: at the avitaminosis developing at fishes, spawning, for a svetostimulyation of producers.

Soil - an important element of biological system of an aquarium. It not only the soil for water plants, but also a substratum for the microorganisms processing waste products of fishes. Even the thin centimetric layer of earth at the bottom is the primitive, but effective biofilter. Soil thickness without false bottom (the ground filter) should not exceed 4 cm, with a false bottom - 8 cm.

The false bottom plays a role of the mechanical and biological filter and represents the piece of plexiglas with the brightened-up openings raised at some distance from a bottom. As the filter is biological, it is necessary to occupy at first it bacteria. It is the best of all to bring a soil handful from already working biological filter. If there is no such opportunity, it is possible to place in an aquarium of a little garden soil which contains the necessary bacteria, but demands more time for their adaptation to the new environment. Coarse river sand or gravel of neutral breeds (basalt, black silicon) with a diameter of 2 - 5 mm is optimum.

The water suitable for drink is, as a rule, suitable also for an aquarium. Excess chlorine is deleted with active aeration (10 - 12 hours), a filtration through absorbent carbon, boiling (10 minutes), a water vystaivaniye (1 - 2 days).

After installation in an aquarium repeatedly pour water, stack soil, connect the heating, aeration, lighting and filtering equipment. To reduce greenhouse effect, the top is densely battened down by integumentary glass. Only microcracks for an eyeliner of the service equipment and a window for giving of a forage are left.

Next day, having convinced of normal functioning of all devices, start an interior decor of an aquarium decorative elements - snags, stones.

2 - 3 more days later plant plants and start fishes. Settling of a sea aquarium requires longer term since maturing of the filter takes 3 - 4 weeks.

If you plan to get an aquarium to the house, follow our advice and at you everything surely will turn out! Create the own underwater world with a set of various sacraments and riddles! Good luck!