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How to be convinced that the cat is healthy?

The earlier you will find diseases, the it will be easier to cure a cat. Glance to a cat in ears and look whether is not present there darkly - brown waxy substance or other signs of existence of ear pincers or an inflammation of an ear. The cat has to have clear eyes and pure.

Loss of the third century is a sure sign that the cat is sick. Carefully examine internal state of a mouth. Its breath has to be fresh, there should not be signs of destruction of teeth or a disease of gums.

You noticed that your cat scratches herself more usual, especially around the head and a tail? If this is so, then at it, perhaps, fleas or other parasites.

Look whether there are no cuts on paws or damages of claws, whether it should cut claws.

Carefully delay skin on shoulders or on a back. If she too acts or slowly comes back to a starting position, the cat, perhaps, suffers from a lack of liquid.

Whether to learn normal weight from your cat, run hands over her spine down, over coxofemoral bones and over the lower part of a stomach. Bones should not be probed easily.

Carefully probe a body of a cat. If you feel any cones or consolidations or will notice that wool in places lost the gloss, perhaps, she suffers from abscesses, especially if comes to walk to the street. Or it can have a tumor. The majority of tumors are good-quality, but it is better to seem to the veterinarian.

Check a condition of a back opening. It has to be pure and have a healthy appearance. If on it there are irritation signs, perhaps, it from - for a diarrhea and if such state proceeds, the cat should be shown to the veterinarian.

Pay attention to a tail of your cat. If on it the raid from brown allocations and any swelling or at the basis of a tail drops out wool, perhaps, it is necessary to clean paraanal glands.

Your cat is not so mobile, as usual and she has signs of loss of elasticity of joints? It no other than old age signs.


your cat got used to a certain mode and therefore it will be easy to notice something in her behavior that will signal to you about emergence of some disease.

It is necessary to pay attention to the following signs: change of the usual mode; excessive combing; excessive targeting of purity; loss in weight; loss of appetite; decrease in need for water; thirst strengthening; diarrhea; lock; blood in Calais; the speeded-up urination; the complicated urination; vomiting; abdominal distension; the watering eyes; sneezing; cough; pale gums.

There are many signs on which it is possible to draw a conclusion that the cat is unhealthy. If she is indifferent and does not rejoice, as usual, to your arrival if she refuses the favourite food or its usually smooth and brilliant wool became dim, she, obviously, badly feels. There are also other symptoms, but they are less audible, and it is more difficult to distinguish them if only we do not pay on them special attention.

Your usually tender cat begins to hiss when you iron her? It can be a symptom of a uterine infection or a harbinger of other diseases connected with a bladder.

Your usually shy and modest aging cat suddenly began to attack other cats, even when those do not touch her? It also is existence what sign - diseases. The reasons can be the most various - from a painful tooth to a tumor.

And if your kitten suddenly ceases to chase the tail or to grab you legs under a blanket? Perhaps, at it appetite was gone? If this is so, then it has to guard you and prompt in time to carry it to the veterinarian. Perhaps, it teeth are simply cut, but it is better that it was examined by the doctor.

Remember that any illness of animals it is better to warn in advance, than to suffer from dangerous consequences in the future. Health to you and your pets and see you! Good luck and good mood!