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What pluses and minuses employment of employees without experience has?

Many heads and HR managers ask a question what pluses and minuses employment of employees without experience has. One say that in it there is nothing terrible. Others, on the contrary, oppose such actions. This article will help to understand the designated question.

Of course, the person without experience - not the most ideal worker, but you should not deny a possibility of cooperation with it at once. When the yesterday`s student leaves walls of university, he, as a rule, wants to get that job which will be able to satisfy his requirements. However, the youth is not too exacting unlike professionals that is small plus.

So, let`s weigh everything for and against which should be considered at employment of employees without experience.


One of the most important reasons for which the employer can be interested in inexperienced employees - a smaller salary. If the person has experience and the higher education, then he will demand, naturally, the corresponding salary. And all this does not mean at all that if you pay less, the person will worse work. Many representatives of students are ready to work in the days and at the nights, and perceive work with big enthusiasm. The main thing - to choose the person with motivation necessary to you.

Besides, many workers without experience at first show big loyalty to the company that needs also to be used with maximum efficiency.

Employees without experience are easily trained and very quickly acquire new skills and knowledge that is one more positive moment. Inexperienced workers are characterized in the majority by good sense of duty which is necessary for them that as it is possible to prove and promote better on service. They try to carry out instructions as it is possible more qualitatively that draws attention of the management.

However you remember that only eventually the person can show himself really. Therefore, you do not hurry to dismiss the person in a week or two. Just it did not enter a rhythm of the organization yet or faced unexpected problems. Try to understand a situation.

If after employment the employee proves from the best party, it needs to be advanced on service. You can set more complex challenges for it and look how he will cope with them.

Pay attention to one more plus: you grow up such employee who is required to you that is almost impossible in a case with the skilled expert. Therefore be ready to train the proved employees who, in your opinion, are really capable to bring benefit to the company. And you are convinced soon that they can really achieve success. It is no secret that workers inexperienced at first sometimes achieve the best results.

And, at last, there are companies which most part of employees has no wide experience. It, as a rule, occurs in professions where special knowledge and skills are not necessary. Here it is better not to be frightened constant routine, and to attract all new healthy shots.


the Most important minus at employment of employees without experience is that the young worker can use your organization as a springboard, and, having accumulated that experience, to leave the company. One do it to receive worthy lines in the summary rather poor so far. Others understand that it not that they looked for. The third just outgrow the position charged to them. Other companies which made out in him the perspective expert and offering it more favorable terms including financial can also entice your employee.

It means that the inexperienced employee needs to be motivated constantly. For example, to organize for it training and to give the chance of professional growth.

Besides, the inexperienced employee - always a certain risk for the organization. To avoid it, and also possible negative consequences, experts advise to attract inexperienced youth during study in higher education institution. You will be able to look narrowly and understand whether it is worth risking the powerful sums on training of this person, and also to count on it as the constant employee of the company.


So, we considered several powerful arguments for and against . Let`s sum up the results.

You should not neglect employees without experience. It is only a superficial glance, from - for whom you can pass really valuable shots. Here the main thing - in time to make out star and to hold it at itself in the company.

If you want that the young employee brightly proved, then do not fill up him with routine work, and give him chance to prove to be in perspective activities.

It is necessary to think over thoroughly a question of financial motivation as it is one of those factors when which ignoring you can lose the talented person.

Look for shots at universities, only in this case you will be able to grow up the true professional and the adherent of the company.

You should not use young specialists as cheap labor. Any worker demands the maximum respect, otherwise your company will quickly become famous in the market as the organization - the deceiver of the young unprotected specialists. Then already precisely it will be difficult for you to find the employee, even without experience.]