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Whether really people occurred from monkeys?

Of course, all of us heard the assumption that people occurred from monkeys during centuries-old evolution. There is an opinion that Charles Robert Darwin became the founder of this theory. However it not absolutely so.

Certainly, Darwin was the creator of the theory of evolution, but his main idea consisted not in relationship of primacies and people at all, and in idea of natural selection. Individuals with useful differences survive better and breed, transfer the signs to posterity. Therefore in the next generation the percent of different individuals will become more, through generation - it is even more etc. It also is, according to Darwin, the evolution mechanism. And the origin of the person, according to the version of natural selection, is result of gradual modifications there is nobody an advanced mammal.

For confirmation of it modern scientists compared as far as DNA at the person and modern anthropoids coincides. It appeared, the person differs from a chimpanzee for only 2,5%, it is a little more - from a gorilla, and from the lowest monkeys - more than for 10%. But all this does not mean at all that recent chimpanzees and gorillas - exact copies of ancestors of the person. Just the person with these monkeys, most likely, has the general ancestor. Scientists called its driopiteky (a wood monkey) since assume that he lived on trees.

But it is not the only argument in favor of the assumption that the person and monkeys all - in some degree relatives. Such phenomenon as, rudiments testifies to it. The person has about one hundred rudiments: for example, a blink membrane of an eye, the rest tail a vertebra (tailbone), indumentum on a body, the muscles setting an auricle, wisdom teeth in motion.

Having run fingers over an auricle curl, it is easy to notice a thickening - darvin a hillock. This rudiment - everything that remained from former pointedness of an ear of ancestors of the person.

One more confirmation of the theory of evolution and a possibility of presence at the person and monkeys of one ancestor consists in the following. Sometimes in separate individuals evolution unexpectedly remembers also reproduces the forgotten details of a structure of their ancestors long ago. Such signs are called atavisms. The person can have it the skin entirely covered with dense wool, two rows of mammary glands, a small tail.

Of course, you should not forget that it only assumptions and the theory of evolution is not only and absolutely scientifically proved. However, as well as any theory, it nevertheless has the right for existence.]