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Genogeografiya: Stalin is Przhevalsky`s son?

take the Certain place in a genogeografiya celebrities - recent and long ago the dead. Though somehow to coincide with them on markers - big, though almost unreal success for researchers of own DNA. In the Network, in particular, interpretations of DNA of the queen Marie Antoinette (genetic material is received from a ringlet of hair) and the last Russian tsar Nikolay Romanov are laid out. There is estimated DNA of Genghis Khan, receipts " prepare; from Napoleon . We added to them some more outstanding persons.

The first rumors that Stalin is Nikolay Przhevalsky`s son appeared during lifetime of the leader, in 1939. That year the Soviet scientists noted 100 - the anniversary since the birth of the great researcher of Asia and received to anniversary unusual gift from journalists. Polish newspaper Life of Warsaw claimed (and without any references to the source) that Przhevalsky was Iosif Dzhugashvili`s father. The legend quickly acquired new subject lines. Przhevalsky, spoke, stayed in Gori, in the house where Dzhugashvili`s mother - Ekaterina Geladze worked as the maid. Rumors were warmed up by Przhevalsky and Stalin`s surprising external similarity, and also the fact that the leader undertook nothing in order that to stop them. Przhevalsky` family - a matter of course, noble - nobody repressed, her members as many representatives of the nobility at that time, quietly worked for the science benefit.

Researchers of the biography of Stalin considered that such rumors imposed the generalissimo: the pier, is more honourable to have in fathers of the famous traveler, than to be the shoemaker`s son. I do not think that it so. It is rather matter in another. You, probably, heard that Stalin was fond of the doctrine [the religious mystic] of Gurdzhiyev, and it assumes that the person has to hide the real origin and shroud the date of birth in a certain crape. The legend about Przhevalsky, of course, poured water on this mill. And the fact that it is similar externally, so, please; there are still rumors that Saddam Hussein is Stalin`s son - the grandson of the generalissimo, the theatrical director Alexander Burdonsky tells.

He says that he saw the grandfather of all several times, and that on parades, but here genes store it about Stalin much more memoirs. Burdonsky agreed to hand over DNA sample, and the interpretations which arrived in several weeks showed that Iosif Vissarionovich`s DNA belongs to G2 gaplogruppa.

Her representatives, having arisen in India or Pakistan 14300 years ago, extended across Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East 12500 years ago. In the territory of the former USSR representatives of this gaplogruppa live both in the North Caucasus, and in Georgia. However, according to some information, the highest frequency of this gaplogruppa - at the Ossetian - Oleg Balanovsky claims.

This news did not surprise Burdonsky: I many times heard talk that Stalin was Ossetian. Though Georgians always approved one about its roots, Ossetians - another . More detailed research of the Caucasian DNA which scientists promise to make in several years can confirm the Ossetian origin of Dzhugashvili (test will be stored in the American laboratory of 25 years).

About Przhevalsky all of us - put the fat end to dispute. Of course, historians it is relationship always denied, but many did not trust; even today on the Internet messages it seems quite often appear: And you knew that Stalin Przhevalsky`s son? . It is one of those rumors which if not to disprove them, only become stronger and stronger - the great-grandson of the brother of the traveler, the Doctor of Chemistry Nikolay Przhevalsky says. Yes it is not similar to Stalin, only to his ceremonial portrait which has nothing in common with real Dzhugashvili. The general only - dense moustaches, a good head of hear - Nikolay Przhevalsky repeats the grandson Stalin.

After the analysis of its DNA the reason for disputes finally disappeared: Przhevalsky is the representative of the all-European gaplogruppa of R1a, that to which the actor Mironov belongs. And in any way not to Stalin G2. Meanwhile analyses of DNA of such close relatives as the father and the son, would show absolute coincidence. I am glad that the noble family of Przhevalsky at last got rid of this legend - the traveller`s descendant told us.

Noblemen, by the way, ideal object for genogeografichesky researches. They trace the family tree and in the majority try to continue a sort on the man`s line. The prince Dmitry Mikhaylovich Shakhovskoy - the authoritative genealogist conducting a family tree from the first Russian prince Rurik became the most notable participant of our project - and it is strict on the man`s line.

The historian and professor Svyato - Sergiyevsky theological institute in Paris, the prince Shakhovskoy does not cease to be surprised to the fact that the family of great antiquity of Ryurik dynasty endured all peripetias of the Russian history and still was not interrupted: It is surprising that our sort did not die away yet. Here now we wait for the granddaughter . On DNA the prince treated delivery of test with a great interest. It diligently drove at itself(himself) behind a cheek a brush for a saliva intake. For fidelity did this simple operation two times. Publisher of the multi-volume set Russian society and nobility says that the genetics could dispel not one secret of history: Here look, determined by DNA that the only son of Louis XVI died in prison, and also disproved famous Anastasia`s statements that it the descendant of the last Russian tsar .

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