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Genogeografiya: all people are brothers?

several researches showed At once that genes easily extend across the territory of the whole historical areas, without looking neither at cultural and language distinctions, nor at borders, nor even at century hostility. The geneticist Ivan Nasidze, professor of genetics of Institute of evolutionary anthropology of Max Planck in Leipzig, together with colleagues established recently that on the fatherly line Armenians and Azerbaijanians are closest from all Transcaucasian people. Generally, from the point of view of genetics it is one population at which the set gaplogroup coincides for 95%.

Nasidze did not set before himself at all the purpose to reconcile the conflicting people, his purpose was wider: We studied the Caucasian populations to investigate that is defining in genetic proximity of groups: a geographical factor or linguistic, - professor tells. - In other words, we wanted to learn whether language is a certain barrier to an exchange of genes between groups of people or not. We came to a conclusion that the geography is a main factor for genetic similarity . If someone from nationalists wants to argue with this statement and will tell that pure " blood; more important, - let will scratch itself a brush. However, all famous adherents of purity of the Russian people whom Newsweek addressed refused to pass the analysis...

One most famous Russian politician and the official was the first, the coma of Newsweek was carried out by the genetic test allowing to define an origin of the person. The analysis of DNA on the fatherly line yielded unambiguous result: in veins of his grandfather, great-grandfather and all other immediate ancestors - men up to Abraham the Jewish blood flew. And at it, as well as it is necessary to the Jew - Ashkenazi, there was a lot of relatives worldwide. One even holds a solid state post in the USA. Having received test results, the official forbade us to tell his name in relation to this information.

Perhaps, already very soon even the anonymous genetic code published without the permission genoobladatel will become a trial subject: the science which is engaged in interpretation of hereditary information walks with great strides and gets the increasing accuracy. The speech not actually about genetics, and about her daughter from marriage with anthropology - genogeografiya. This science studies genetics of all mankind and tries to create the card of a world history from an exit of the first people from Africa and up to now.

It is already clear that this card not quite meets traditional conservative expectations of history of races and the people. The Main objective of a genogeografiya - to show as far as all of us are interconnected, to show that it is difficult to divide mankind into some " groups; - Spencer Wells, chapter of the grandiose genogeografichesky draft of the National Geographic magazine says about sublime mission of scientists.

This task is carried out: scientists in the most different regions of the world found out that people in people unites common language. Different languages and cultures separate the people. And here on exchange of genes between the people the difference in cultures and languages almost does not influence in any way. The genetic community of people is defined mainly by geographical proximity, and not so their ideas of friendship or hostility between the people. Respectively, the origin of certain representatives of these people can not correspond at all to the fact that they about themselves think.

To the project only a year, but its participants already collected more than 18000 samples of DNA worldwide (including in Russia) and are going to continue work till 2010. Then, according to their plans, 100 000 different samples on which it will be possible to make the draft card of the history Homo sapiens will be collected already. But in order that it was more answers, than questions, hundreds more of thousands of analyses are necessary, Wells says.

However, collecting genetic material are engaged not only in National Geographic. For the last three - four years fruits of new science became available not only to the rich men and scientists digging in the family tree - now the analysis will cost anyone couple of hundreds of dollars.

In the USA and Europe analyses quite independently and for the money handed over already tens of thousands of people. The genogeografiya, except definition of destinies of the people, in passing solves a set of other, quite practical problems.

Its methods can easily be applied to each person. Persons interested can expand the family tree to the prehistoric past, having tracked a way of the ancestors from Africa to a native home. (However as shows experience of our politician, the result can not be pleasant to much.) Inquisitive will be able to watch solutions of historical rebuses. At last, physicians according to genogeografichesky data are going to create drugs with racial differences .

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