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How to help the first grader in the first academic year?

Here also ended joyful summer - time of holidays and vacation. And it is fine to us, the adult, it is necessary to come back from holidays, and here what to our kids … Especially that who the first time went to school. From - for the fact that now children should be engaged much (and begin to train them often in a garden) kids do not manage to have a rest fully. They could only be regretted, but maternal heart is torn to parts at the sight of the tired child who is dejectedly trudging to do homework. Or at a view of a sleepy attractive face on which by capital letters it is written: Leave me alone!

To each of these small big people so there is a wish to return back to the childhood, during carefree games and free time. That the school did not turn into penal servitude, help the kid! Especially as many games will help the child to adapt to the school schedule and to do homework with pleasure. So, we solve problems games.

it is difficult to to rise early in the morning

It is an important question not only for children, but also for many adults. First of all do not forget that early the one who lays down " gets up early; - do not allow the child to sit in front of the computer or the TV late.

It was easier to rise, make each new day a holiday. Include the imagination - and your child will wait every day with hope: and what mummy will think up new today? If you have not enough imagination, then buy a block calendar or put on the website an informer Calendar of the holidays . You will ask - what relation will be had by day of the fisherman to gray morning? The most direct! Tell the kid who today a holiday, and let he will try to guess of what small fish you thought. Besides memory training, the kid will be glad to guess - it will give it a confidence charge for all day. Delivery of prizes and gifts in the morning can be one more solution of this problem. And it is unimportant that it is candy or a jar of yogurt. The main thing, it is correct tax gift - in a game form. Remember Prishvin`s story Lisichkin " bread;!

the Fidget it is difficult to to remain sitting at school

Many active children hardly can sit out the put 35 - 40 minutes of a lesson, begin to spin and disturb the teacher. As a result - the conflicts in school, and then and houses.

Suggest the kid to play the game good pupil . That is it does not need to be it, it is necessary to seem to them. At the same time it is the best of all if you agree with some parents of other active children, and at the child will appear competitive effect - who best of all behaved, who answered at a board most. This game imparts aspiration to leadership in the future; if the kid is involved, then all the time of study will seek to study best of all.

And very important fact - during change the child needs to move actively. For this time it is the best of all to think up outdoor games. It belongs to the teacher`s duties, but not all teachers will see off active breaks which are very important for first graders. So you should take care of it - you do not want that the kid was tired and passive all day.

homework is heavy to do to

Coming home after classes at school, the child is not ready for performance of homework any more. It needs change of a kind of activity. Let`s it have a rest, do not demand impossible from a small organism.

If there is a possibility of combination of homework with active game, use it. For example, if it is necessary to study the poem or a song, repeat each line during a ball game. You throw a ball to the child - you tell the phrase, it to you - the following line together with a ball in reply.

Each task can be turned into game: pochitalka risovalka (even if it is necessary not to represent something and to write equal hooks or small letters). When writing figures and letters you can offer the child the game   too; - let will think up to what subject or to what action this or that sign is similar. Two - we iron a swan, the eight - we draw a tumbler toy, and the six - we wind a lock on hair curlers. The main thing that interest of the child was fixed by means of the game moments, then at the school will be much easier for it.

Try to project situations from textbooks on life. For example, when studying the fundamentals of health and safety (FHS) at elementary school children need to learn the correct transition through the road. Suggest the kid to represent a kitten or a puppy, and you will be car. Show cards - the traffic light or a card with a transition sign. If kitten crosses the road in not put place or on red color, " car; it forces down and kitten begins to be ill strongly. So passive training turns into active game.

Not less interesting to the child can be training process on the contrary when he begins to learn. At the same time it is optional you. It can be a toy which you sound, or even whole class . The main thing in this game - to consider concrete mistakes of the child that he also corrected them. The most interesting that at the same time in most cases you will be able to see relationship of the kid and the teacher. If the child tries to explain something to toys, then and at school the teacher tries to carry the pupils material in a form available to them, is respectful to them. If the child derides errors of the pupils or strongly abuses, it has to, at least, set you thinking!

Also do not forget to note achievements of the child, but not his mistake. What you pay attention to is remembered much more, at the same time it is unimportant what - positive or negative.