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Christian Dior. Return to the Fairy tale?

the Little boy sat in the dark room and listened to stories of the grandmother about far-away countries where lived in hollows of trees mysterious vozdushno - bluish fairies, and sorcerers cooked potions and flew on the broom... He sat and listened, imagining their developing skirts and snow-white clothes of the Scandinavian witches...

And on the street post-war style of Chanel at that time dominated. What here long skirts yes narrow waists when women have to not fly on brooms and not a beautiful face stray to show to knights, and to work at plants and to restore the destroyed national economy. But the boy continued to dream that sometime he will dress all women as fairies. Young Christian Dior was this little boy.

The genius of fashion, the person who entrained millions of women - as soon as did not call him. Even the surname Dior (Dior) united in itself, according to the French poet Jean Cocteau, two words - Dieu (God) and Or (Gold). The person with the mysterious biography, in 42 years created the fashionable empire contrary to opinion of the majority, the young people considering fashion as destiny. He was born on January 21, 1905 in a family, far from fashion, in one of the French provinces in the city of Granville. His father Maurice Dior worked as the manufacturer, and Madeleine Dior`s mother was an elegant housewife that already then was reflected in tastes of the boy. Parents wanted to see Christian the successful diplomat or the lawyer. But he dreamed only art.

In a year of occupations in diplomatic academy Christian runs and in 20 years in 1925 on money of the father opens art gallery in Paris where sells cloths of various artists, and then and itself takes a pencil in hand.

Financial crisis of 1929, having come to Europe, Diorov made bankrupt family business and Christian needed to look for ways of own earnings, so he begins to sell the drawings in fashion magazines. After many peripetias, it gets to the French fashion house 40 - x years of Lucian Lelonga who was at that time very famous and was included into syndicate of Haute couture of Paris. Several years Dior work as the assistant for Lelonga, begin to create suits for cinema - he still remembers stories of the grandmother also creates magnificent ball dresses with corsets and magnificent skirts that will find then reflection and in its own collections.

And here is how - that, wandering about streets of Paris in 1947, Christian meets I Bussak, the famous textile manufacturer to whom he tells about the still to children`s dream - to open own fashionable house and about absence on it means. Marseille attentively listened to its theory that the public is ready to emergence of absolutely new post-war style. The new magnificent image described by Dior with a sensual silhouette and magnificent skirts at once attracted the man who scared together a fortune sale of a huge number of textiles. And, according to a legend, Bussak offers Dior sponsorship, but provided that woolen fabrics of a manufactory of Bussak which had sale problems at that moment will be used.

And here in 42 years in 1947 on smart Parisian the avenue Montaigne Christian Dior opens the Fashion house. In January the first display where on court of public the well-known Bar dress was presented took place: the flared black woolen skirt length is slightly lower than a knee and the light fitted jacket, having seen which the editor-in-chief American the Harper`s Bazaar magazine of Carmel Snow exclaimed: Yes same new look (new image)! then all fashionable press called Dior - the fashion designer of New look.

Christian Dior returned to fashion corsets and petticoats, a romantic image with emphasis on a waist and a decollete. Wearing the black varnish belt which is well emphasizing a waist became a big innovation.

But the good clothes still remained luxury, and women wore jackets with a sharp coat hanger and skirts to knees which they independently made, imitating military options of the fitting silhouette from Elsa Schiaparelli popular in 1930 - e. The Parisian industry of haute couture - the leader of world fashion since the end of the 18th century - was in a sorry plight. It was in great need in novelty, and Dior managed to guess and satisfy this requirement. The fashion house of Dior quickly gained popularity, and already to 50 - at a year in its staff 120 employees worked. The first success was followed by new collections, each of which became the whole event in the world of fashion. Christian Dior worked only 10 years, having created 20 collections. In 1957 he died from heart attack. But collections showed always in one and too time: in February and at the beginning of August. Usually collections consisted of 60 things and everyone had the name. Such frequency and to traditions is remained faithful still, as during lifetime of the fashion designer.

... Leaving the room of the grandmother, the boy told - I know that all women sometime will be as fairies... And it was really right.]