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How to wait hydroplaning?

Hydroplaning - sliding of wheels of the car on a water surface at the movement at great speed. At the same time controllability of the car critically decreases and can stop at all (wheels act as skis and slide on water). The critical situation most often arises after hydroplaning when forward wheels get on a hard coating of the road. Arrival on a pool begins most often one of forward wheels, braking at the same time leads to drift under such corner under what the car gets to water. Many drivers are able to correct this drift, but at hit of forward wheels on a hard coating there is the return drift that can lead to a turn or capsizing if pilot was late with the second stabilization of the car.

Before journey of a pool try to reduce as much as possible speed and to overcome an obstacle rectilinearly, do not do movements by governing bodies, especially - sharp! Strong you hold only a steering wheel with hands. Women and men with underdeveloped muscles of hands are recommended to place elbows in the parties and to strain in addition back muscles since at certain moments the driver can feel breakthrough on a wheel. Especially it is necessary at journey of a series of pools and at the movement on a miksta (when wheels of one party are on a hard coating, and the second - in a pool).

Experts advise us to pass pools rectilinearly and if a pool on turn? Here it is desirable to apply tactics double entrance . We overcome a water barrier on a straight line, but before and after an obstacle we make on turn. We receive a difficult trajectory of the movement, but we do not get to drift what can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Extra care needs to be shown at the high-speed movement on the track filled with water. It arises on the asphalted roads, the car begins to ransack to be shaken. To be displaced to the left - to the right it is unsafe: the oncoming lane and a roadside represent threat for badly operated car and loops of splashes from - under wheels of counter cars are not really desirable on a windshield. The sharp movement will not give effect from - for hydroplanings, the car can bring. It is necessary to reduce smoothly speed to lowering of wheels on a hard coating and to continuously correct a car course a podrulivaniye for preservation of the rectilinear movement.

Always keep calm, the correct landing, position of hands on a wheel 10 - 2 or 9 - 3 (by analogy with the dial of hours), and also - the motionless provision of a steering wheel. React to drift immediately, always continue fight for stabilization of the car before acquisition of the rectilinear movement by it. Do not forget that technical condition of yours horse influences its stability on the road. If the faulty shock-absorber badly presses a wheel to the road, then hydroplaning will begin at lower speed. Too wide tires will also play a negative role at the movement on a sheet of water. If " rubber; bald, there is no speech about good water drainage also protector flutes from a contact spot any more, the movement with such wheels is dangerous.

I wish not to get into similar situations! Be for this purpose attentive in time and after rainfall, snow thawing. I advise to fulfill similar situations in practice under the leadership of more skilled driver in the safe place.]