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How to get a job to young mother?

Many women who have children of preschool age, trying to find a job, face certain difficulties as often employers hold the opinion that to employ such experts quite risky as in total receive also problems which young mother faces.

Personnel hunger to mothers on advantage

the Problem of employment with the small child on hands traditionally is a headache of the Russian women as at all talk on demographic crisis and emphasis of this question at the highest government level employers all the same agree to differ. To young mother should take anyway the sick-list to go earlier to kindergarten or to ask a compensatory holiday, that is she will think rather not of work, and about own that is quite natural, but is unprofitable for the companies. Inna Hlynina, the specialist of department in work with clients of the personnel center UNITY, emphasizes: Employers most often ask to consider Restrictions for reception of women with small children at staff recruitment on vacancy of personal assistants, sales managers, lawyers and accountants that is connected with large volume of work, in the unrationed afternoon and frequent business trips . It is echoed by the consultant of recruitment agency Career Forum Elena Kicha: If the small child, then at employers arises a question with whom the woman will be able to leave it. However much bigger fear is caused in clients by young married women who have no children " yet;. So, the head of the Moscow office of the company on staff recruitment of THI Selection Yulia Ivanova remembers how one large telecommunication company, looking for itself the account manager, wished to see on this place the woman with children, 35 years are not younger. The employer explained the requirement laconically: I need the person who is not anxious with career development and in the next several years will not go to other " company;.

At the same time at all claim made to young mothers it is possible to note the certain positive dynamics which was outlined in the solution of a question of their employment. There are more and more companies with human face : with observance of the Labour code, with the accurate schedule of work, with a certain set of social privileges, including considering interests of mother and child. For example, the health insurance on the woman and members of her family (or separately on the child), preferential permits in children`s sanatoria and camp, partial or full payment of kindergartens and other is offered.

And still at all positive tendencies of the last time you should not forget that at us in the country the role of stereotypes is big, and quite often a certain narrowness of thinking is characteristic of heads. How it is correct to work in such situation?

First of all, it is necessary to place priorities, to define that it is more important for you: highly paid work which usually means business trips and processings, or quieter work allowing to find enough time for a family and the child, but, perhaps, which was less paid.

If mother the career climber Active advance on a career ladder promises

not only increase of compensation, authority on eyes of colleagues, receiving moral satisfaction from change of the status, but also demands the strengthened devotion, work after hours, a constant involvement into business - process. And even if you are not frightened by image of the business woman, then prospect be left without maternal caress can affect your child not in the best way. And the employer will not be delighted with your career aspirations if he learns that you want to subdue business heights with the child on hands. Therefore you need to prove to it that the kid will not hinder to work. What your actions can be?

1. To find the nurse

Before looking for work, accustom the kid to remain gradually with the nurse. In this case at you the answer to the employer`s question is always ready with whom you will leave the child when there is a lot of work.

2. To arrange the child in private kindergarten

according to mothers, the children visiting such gardens are ill much more less than staying in usual children`s institutions. Besides private institutions, as a rule, work till later time - 9 - 10 o`clock in the evening. Such option - the good exit from a difficult situation having, however, one but: quite high payment.

3. To agree with grandmothers and grandfathers

In this case the solution depends on relationship with your relatives, and they, as a rule, live far. Though in some families parents are ready to replace the residence or to take away for the period of the child to themselves that significantly facilitates to the woman creation of career.

It is better for the young mother aimed at career development to warn on interview the employer at once that she is ready to processings and before appearance at work previously will agree either with the babysitter, or in a garden (that will take away the child later than usual of time), or with parents. Thereby you will emphasize the interest in vacancy and once again will calm the interviewer that you have all it is grabbed and family problems will not become a brake of successful work.

When mother - the best profession Career prospects and a high salary, certainly, cannot but attract

, however at many women the maternal instinct nevertheless prevails, and they cannot imagine long separation from the favourite kid. In that case it is necessary to look for a compromise. What options are?

1. Work with the accurate schedule often happens to

When comparing a salary and volume of the offered works that less paid work with the accurate schedule in terms of hours turns out more favorable, than highly paid, but unrationed.

2. Work near the house

of the Traffic jam in large megalopolises are taken away from us by precious time, and driving in rush hour in public transport - our nerves. Therefore when the road to office takes only half an hour, it is possible to be late sometimes to execute the additional volume of work. Having specified the area necessary to you in the summary, you thereby facilitate search both for yourself, and for employers.

3. Work with flexible hours are obvious to

of Advantage - you have an opportunity to plan the working day and considerable part of time to give to the child and a family. However there is one shortcoming - it is, as a rule, less paid work. But it is probable to compensate it by the fact that you, for example, will cooperate not only with one company. It is possible to pick up BP é mine work, having undertaken implementation of any projects on your specialty. Now work with the free schedule - freelance gains ground. Such type of employment is preferred by programmers, testers, designers, journalists, translators, business - trainers.

That career did not suffer, and children were whole

Anyway the choice always remains for the woman: whether to combine active career advance and education of the child, finding for this purpose any opportunities, or to try to build career a little in a different way - for some time to concentrate on the family, continuing to work on itself in the professional plan, but having postponed immersion in business until when the child grows up. Head of the HR department of the " company; Pure light " service; Lilia Popova testifies: As shows our experience, modern women quite manage to conduct vigorous professional activity and at the same time to remain attentive mothers. Here already the person has to solve itself whether he is ready to combine career and a family .]