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Why cabbage - color ?

- Mothers, and why cabbage call color, it is white?!

- Because at usual cabbage we eat leaves, and at this - flowers.

Actually cauliflower head - this huge inflorescence consisting more than of two thousand of buds which are densely pressed to each other, but it is impossible to wait at all when they blossom! And still, the cauliflower happens not only white, but also yellow, green and even violet - everything depends on a grade. Just traditionally at us grow up and sell white-headed .

Cauliflower - it is a fruit of long works of selectors of antiquity, and in a wild look it does not meet anywhere. It is considered that began to cultivate a cauliflower in Syria. It gained big distribution in the Mediterranean, which is not surprising - the climate as well as possible is suitable for its cultivation. This type of cabbage is very popular in Europe. In Russia it on the second place after white which is grown up from time immemorial.

Despite all usefulness a cauliflower (an excellent source a beta - carotene, vitamin C, E, iron, calcium and potassium), it is not so often used in Russia for preparation of vegetable dishes. And all because it is difficult to find other vegetable, so whimsical in cultivation. Slightly that not on it - and result zero. It would seem, she does not demand anything excessive, only constancy in everything: in temperature, humidity of air and the soil. But, as we know, in Russia there is nothing constant including weather conditions. Therefore it is much simpler and more favorable to grow up a cauliflower in the industrial way. In modern greenhouse facilities it is easier to create necessary conditions, she will demand big efforts from the fan.

The cauliflower is involuntarily compared to white. Yes, it cannot be made sour, but it is possible to cook, fry, soar, pickle and to freeze (almost without loss valuable qualities), and it has more than vitamins B. As if you did not train her, slightly boiling, on couple or baking in an oven with the &ndash sauce; it is always an excellent garnish. Fill in it with cheese sauce, strew with small croutons and the fine nourishing dinner will turn out. The cauliflower is well combined with herbs and spices and is suitable for vegetable baked puddings and a curry. It can be used differently - and in soups both to fry on a frying pan and to mix with sesame sunflower seeds, or even to give crude or slightly boiled, with other crackling vegetables to dip them in sauce. Perfectly approach it gentle sauces, cream, butter.

The cauliflower needs to be boiled to readiness, but it should not collapse. Before preparing, best of all to break on inflorescences or to cut it on four parts. Inflorescences cook 4 - 5 min. in the boiling water. If you prepare the whole head of cabbage, inflorescences will be digested, and the stalk will remain too rigid. Small kochanchik can be cooked entirely. It is necessary just to cut off all firm leaves and distant part of a stalk, to make an incision it on 4 parts or to slightly clean pulp that it cooked also quickly, as well as inflorescences. To keep as much as possible vitamins, always put a cauliflower in the boiling water. That when cooking it not so strongly smelled, it is possible to lower bay leaf in water.

Popularity of a cauliflower grows every day. It is easily acquired, and many times over surpasses white in the content of vitamins and vegetable protein. In Germany during the long season of a cauliflower lasting from June to November 180000 tons of cabbage are consumed on average! Is it time to switch to a cauliflower, time it is so good?