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What is Benjamin Franklin`s Life?

What makes the person the leader?

What does the person successful?

What makes the person happy?

Intelligence? - Yes! Passion? - Yes! Force? - Yes! Devotion? - Yes! Charisma? - Yes! Persistence? - Yes! Persistence? - Yes! Generosity? - Yes! Ability to forgive? - Yes!

Benjamin Franklin possessed all these qualities, - therefore he is one of the greatest minds not only America, but also the whole world. It seems the embodiment and an embodiment of dream of the people. Many were perplexed how the son of the simple handicraftsman making candles could seize such amount of knowledge and to become the Master in many branches of human knowledge. Its example proves that everyone can achieve success.

Franklin is probably the most talented personality in the American history. Its achievements are so various and numerous that it is even impossible to list them all: it one of authors of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Founded the Philadelphia`s first public library, Pennsylvanian university, the American philosophical society. Called for cancellation of slavery. Was the ambassador of America in France. As the scientist is known for works on electricity. Made a set of inventions, such as the lightning rod and bifocals.

Having enough earned, he in 42 years retired. It allowed it to work as a hobby and gave the chance to invent, carry out the ideas and revolutionary projects. He also with success published and sold “ Poor Richard’s Almanac “ with a set of useful materials about health and physical training, food and success.

There are lessons “ Schools of Life “ Franklin:

Lesson 1 . Franklin told: “ There are no achievements without pain “ . Why it is right

? Physical training causes microscopic “ tears “ in muscles. Muscles increase and get stronger during your rest. So pain - probable result of these “ tears “ and inflammations of muscles. But you have to know distinction between good and bad pain. If you feel after your training that pain “ bad “ stop occupations for 2 days. If pains proceed, then see a doctor.

Lesson 2 . Franklin told: “ That doctor - the best which knows that the majority of drugs are useless “ . Why it is right

? Beware of the doctor, which “ is fond “ antibiotics. According to given the researches Vincenza Snow, 75% of all respiratory upper respiratory tract infections of antibiotics which are written out for treatment are optional. Doctors often concede to requirements of patients, are limited in time and are mistaken concerning when antibiotics are really necessary.

Lesson 3 . Franklin told: “ Early withdrawal to a dream and early rise do the person healthy, rich and wise “ (in Russia speak: “ Early bird gets the worm “). Why it is right

? Researchers from University of California/San Diego School of Medicine found out that early rise raises the level of lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone (LH) for 70%. LH participates in production of testosterone, hormone which helps to form the muscles which are not containing fat and lightens mood.

Lesson 4 . Franklin told: “ There cannot be good life where there is no good drink “ (as speak in Russia: “ Because without water - both there, and syuda “) . Why it is right

? Drink of water is very important factor of health and life! Our body, all systems of our organism depend on water and work better if we drink good and clear water.

Lesson 5 . Franklin told: “ You do not speak bad, but you speak only good about everyone whom you know “ and “ Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain, and most of fools quite so and arrive “ . Why it is right

? Nobody loves criticism. The criticism arouses negative feelings of intensity, indignation and humiliation. Communicating with people, we have to consider that each person has a pride, is full of various prejudices and vanity.

Lesson 6 . Franklin told: “ Let your eyes will be widely open before marriage, and half closed then “ . Why it is right

? Premarital discussion of the questions connected with money, children, sex religion can help young couples with future family life, - the doctor of philosophy of Al Cooper considers. In marriage accept her / his specific features, live in a consent. Do not notice and do not criticize her / his annoying habits.

Lesson 7 . Franklin told: “ Begin meeting with wine, but finish with " water; . Why it is right

? It became fashionable - at the solution of any difficult problem - to carry out brainstorming with beer. “ Alcohol at first weakens bans and removes conventions. Weakening of bans is the best incentive of creativity “ - says Morris Chafetz, the president of Health Education Foundation. But it is necessary to look through cocktail - napkins (napkins with notes) next day to see what will really work.

Lesson 8 . Franklin told: “ The full stomach does a brain silly “ (in Russia speak: “ Full bowls make empty brains “) . Why it is right

? Gastric acid is necessary to the stomach burdened by food to acquire proteins - fats - carbohydrates, at the same time pH of blood changes and there is a temporary dullness of a brain, - claims Philip Miner, the doctor of medicine from Oklahoma Foundation for Digestive Research.

Lesson 9 . Franklin told: “ Time - money “ . Why it is right

? The mathematical formula removed by Ian Walker, professor of economy of Central England`s Warwick University shows that time - it is valid money. He claims that he can demonstrate to people as their time is depending on any task which they carry out, - from late lying in the morning in beds and cookings to a dream or work.

Benjamin Franklin also told:

“ If you do not want to be forgotten right after death, - or write something, worthy readings, or do that adequately the records “ .

People did not forget Franklin as he did both that, and another. He lived according to this wisdom: created as could, and it is even more. And, as we see, lessons of old times of Ben are still actual even in our digital …

  today; 10 Timeless Lessons From Benjamin Franklin. Translation: V. Sidorov ]