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Where to learn the financial diploma? You cannot solve

how it is more correct to arrive: to save up money for purchase of the apartment or to lend them at bank? To invest available funds in share funds popular now or all - to buy euro and to put them under a mattress? Many of us do not know how it is correct to dispose of personal finance. But it can easily learn!

To raise the level of the financial literacy and to learn to operate the personal or family budget we can on special courses, trainings, seminars etc. of

Conditionally all courses about money it is possible to divide into two groups.

The first is devoted psychological or even esoteric to aspects of interaction with money. On such courses offer us, for example, diagnostics of the factors blocking arrival of money, the analysis wrong installations on money trainings - exercises, meditations and even magic rituals on fund raising!

And here on the courses relating to the second group we will be taught how the family budget is arranged, will tell what is financial instruments and will teach to understand them.

It is very simple to distinguish these seminars and courses: if you in the presentation of this or that program read such phrases as practical skills of formation of personal power space of financial success or modeling of psychology of wealth or training in effective work with dreams know: it is about the first group of courses.

If in the description of the program you saw such words as: assets and liabilities investments and risks deposits and credits financial plan and personal capital undoubtedly, this course belongs to the second group.

We will also talk today about it.

So, we found out that useful and qualitative courses on management of the personal budget consider not the nature of money and our personal attitude towards them, but public financial instruments. However keep in mind, as at the choice of the training programs from the second group there are reefs. And to avoid them, pay attention to what company holds similar event. The matter is that depending on the one who will organize seminars or courses they can differ on depth and subject of material. Options can be three here:

the training organizations;

finance companies (banks, insurance and management companies, brokers);

consulting companies.

Quickly and superficially

So, you have a huge desire to understand where scatters salary, and several hours of free time. In this case it is possible to choose short seminars, courses, lectures which will enter us into a subject essence. Besides you will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the teacher personally and to ask him the questions interesting you about an occupation subject. it is better for

to count that you gain only general idea about the considered subject and the basic knowledge necessary for creation of the capital. Besides, you obtain information on the most available ways of investment and sequence of actions of the beginning investors.

in principle it just was also required.

For serious and thoughtful

If you decided to understand more deeply what is personal finance and what opportunities gives competent management of the family budget, then you will need slightly more efforts. Namely, it is necessary to release one or two days off, to allocate from the budget which you decided to learn to operate, several thousands of rubles and to go to the relevant activity to one of the consulting companies.

If you resolved to take the cash flows under control, it is necessary to be adjusted on that, cht a current of month you will be busy with studying of financial knowledge

personal financial planning Seminars pursue the aim to give us knowledge and practical skills on control of our income and expenses. At such seminars lecturers will help to understand what is assets and liabilities, will tell how to construct financial statements of a family, to create the personal capital and to effectively invest it. Unfortunately, duration of similar courses is insufficient to understand subtleties of application of these or those financial instruments, but we will be able to comprehend an own financial state.

From And to I

you resolved to take under control the cash flows completely? Your intentions are worthy respect. But know: you should stock up with patience and to be adjusted on the fact that within a month you will be busy with studying of financial knowledge. It is possible to do it on internal occupations or to understand independently the materials sent on the Internet (depending on what type of the program you will choose). You hardly receive knowledge and practical skills which can be received on similar courses somewhere still.

The alternative to such training, of course, is. For example, it is possible to be engaged in self-education. However by means of the specialized program you will be able to master all material in 4 weeks, and self-training can take not one year. And during this time it is possible to be in time a lot of things: to begin maintaining the personal budget, to improve the financial position, to make the financial plan, to begin to invest and even to receive the first fruits from the training.

you intend to study thoroughly some one subject interesting you, for example, to understand what is a mortgage or how to buy shares of mutual fund etc.? You will be helped by seminars and specialized programs which will organize

finance companies Subject studying

In case you intend to study thoroughly any one subject interesting you, for example, seminars and specialized programs which will organize finance companies will help to understand what is a mortgage or how to buy shares of mutual fund etc. to you. As a rule, these occupations are devoted to 1-2 products which are offered by the company (the management company will tell about mutual funds, broker - about exchange trade, bank and the mortgage broker - about mortgage loans).

In spite of the fact that such seminars and trainings have okoloreklamny character, they allow to understand the service work mechanism, to estimate the level of work of the company and competence of her experts and that the most important, possibilities of application of a financial instrument in your concrete situation.

The book too the teacher

If you do not want to spend money for the training seminars or you have no time for lectures, it is possible to acquire books on management of personal finance and to understand a question independently. By the way, at the initial stage of studying of knowledge of planning of the family budget independent training is more preferable, than occupations with the teacher.

Carefully, FOREX! by

Due to growth of popularity of investment as the directions in general, with special scope multiplies number of the conferences and seminars training to work in the FOREX market. However their main objective not training, but involvement of people on the speculative market for increase in profits of the companies whose business directly depends on the number of players in the market. And that is sad, such courses enjoy popularity as promise benefit here and now. As a result of nearly 90 percent of the people considering the foreign exchange market as a possibility of fast enrichment lose the money.]