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And you are able to choose gifts?

Sacrament of the snow scintillating frosty New Year`s Eve decked by an iridescent sparkling of tinsel and Christmas tree decorations Father Frost from the wood in a moonlight, boots with gifts over a fireplace

are felt holiday high spirits and easy nervousness Already today concerning what to surprise and please friends and relatives. All of us this wonderful night become children and is at heart captivated we wait for magic gifts which will bring feeling of the recovered fairy tale.

And it is even more pleasant to choose and give gifts, than to receive. The inexpressible feeling - to act as the generous wizard Father Frost and to observe how the face of the one who takes in hand shines and unpacks the received parcel How to choose worthy and successful?

By New year hours will be very symbolical and suitable gift. You represent how it is romantic to hear their voice exactly in 12? This magic will be remembered forever.

For grandmothers and grandfathers it can be a wall clock with a cuckoo, cozy, kind and charming.

A symbol of respectability, validity of foundations and as our ancestors used to say, blood there will be interior floor watch presented to dear house with fight. They will create the atmosphere of house heat and reliability, will become the real family relic.

Partners in business can present a respectable bracket clock which is distinguished by the highest accuracy, a refined decor and use of unique technologies. Today is such which scoop energy for work from the slightest changes of air temperature and work absolutely silently. It is possible to present the fireplace clock executed in stylistics of finishing of a fireplace with use of a natural stone. They can become the center of composition of all interior.

A wall clock as a picture, reflect an interior and its dreams. Imagine hours with a minute hand from a leaflet of the Japanese Oriental cherry, the stiffened beauty of a plant. Or the ship surroundings with romanticism of salty sea splashes and great geographical discoveries equipped with a barometer, the thermometer and the index of inflow - otliv. With the fight imitating a sound of a ship gong. It can be and find fault with models in style - flew, and in antique style, and a wooden wall clock with a pendulum.

For fans of surfing, rock-climbers, yachtsmen, parachutists, diggers, divers, paraglider pilots, racing drivers, scooters and mauntan - bikers, and also hunters and fishers a number of a sports and tourist watch with a compass, height - and a depth gage, a barometer, the thermometer, with satellite navigation of GPS, with sensors of characteristics of a physical condition of the owner is developed.

The most avantazhny, optimum practical option on a ratio the price - quality (and, above all, reliability) are the Japanese hi-tech watch on solar batteries, faultlessly exact and almost eternal.

The prestigious Swiss watch, an important component of a gentlemen`s set and an element of an image of the lady, a symbol of respectability, reliability, solidity and good taste will become an exclusive gift, certainly.

A watch is a ring, a magic symbol. Gestures banded imposing hours a hand gain big showiness, completeness and authoritativeness. You can be convinced of it in front of the mirror. And picked up as a gift in one design - style the couple of hours - man`s and female - can become advantageous substitute of traditional ringlets on a finger.

Fashionable watchmakers note that now in fashion white metals. They combine in themselves a certain restraint with refined luxury, moderation with power. A stylish thong from a crocodile leather, a sapphire crystal, additional functions of a chronograph, the tourbillon, a lunar calendar - options are so various that it is quite really possible to choose model as on the most refined taste, and the house-keeper - option.

For the solid and dear persons who already have expensive Swiss watch, fine original (besides) a gift the casket for their subplant will become very useful.

A gold ladies` watch, from classical models to elegantly - extravagant is traditionally popular and permanently desired.

The lady can present as a gift hours fashion - brands, it is always fashionable and extravagant. For example, from Moschino or Roberto Cavalli having now in the world great success. And the donator right there will acquire the status of the expert in the field of hour fashion.

In the person, as we know, everything has to be fine: both person, and clothes, and soul, and thoughts. Each detail in appearance has to be thought over to trifles: both hours, and cuff links, and wallet. If the shirt of the man is more white than snow, trousers are ideally ironed and boots are given a high polish, and the lady has a skillful make-up and a toilet haute couture, then the modest wallet has no right to nullify all this.

Means, an accurate, qualitative wallet as a gift - a right choice. From the ideal, professionally processed exotic or classical genuine leather, with verified as if on a ruler, lines, stitched by beautiful elastic strong threads, it belief and the truth will serve the owner. You want to wish financial wellbeing - present a purse of the most famous Swiss producer of Vasheron with the note inside.

Expensive leather accessories (a wallet - a kupyurnik, a purse, the key keeper) S. T. Dupont, Montblanc, Cartier considerably are an image card of the owner. Respectable people choose expensive toys corresponding to their style.

It is necessary to learn a lighter, the handle or hours of Montblanc. True works of jeweler art, they possess signs of style and quality which distinguish them from it similar. The smallest, almost imperceptible details are trimmed with care of processing of sides of jewel, unique appearance is given by equipment of the Chinese varnish. In production only noble materials are used: crocodile leather, gold, silver, valuable breeds of a tree, tortoise shell. Cuff links, clips for a tie, refined lighters and belts, accessories for smokers of cigars - what is necessary for image. The press of luxury, a special sign of wealth and power carries on themselves everything that is issued under these famous brands.

Women will not be left indifferent by products of the Elisir company - a cover for documents, purses and card holders with compositions of crystals of Swarovski - silver and gold, shildiky in the form of a butterfly or with crystals - Swarovski buttons... For special solemnity of a gift they are packed into a velvet sack and into a cardboard box with Elisir stamping.

An important image accessory - Parker fountain pens. Thanks to high quality and reliability on Parker the lifelong guarantee is given. The refined design turns the handle into effective ornament which clip on a jacket pocket eloquently testifies to the status of the owner.

The handle from Aurora, with a cap from nephrite for certain will please judges of luxury. Or the Montblanc model decorated with a drop of rock crystal, synthetic sapphire, amethyst or ruby. The handles from Cartier decorated by yellow, pink and white gold with a legendary logo (double With ) will become an ideal gift to the elegant business woman.

And as fountain pens promote production of beautiful handwriting, inexpensive models of handles will become a fine gift to the school student.

It will be not less useful to the child a lot of things able a musical synthesizer with the training function or the digital piano which is not demanding control if it is engaged at music school.

We love gifts, we are able to give them and to accept, carefully we store and we give reciprocal, often surpassing in value. This property of the Russian mentality. Width of the Russian soul was noted even by the European historians. Let`s support traditions! Let`s not to forget to show thus sincerity of feelings and respect for neighbors. The pleasure on their faces is worth it!]