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How to force cactuses to blossom regularly?

Are considered to be that cactuses perfectly feel even if not to look after them in general. Actually at the correct leaving the cactus can recover as if by magic and begin to blossom regularly.

All cactuses can be divided into two big groups which got used to different conditions of dwelling and to the different soil - desert and tropical. Consider specific features of each plant and you remember that plants get used to one conditions of keeping.

It is the best of all to land cactuses in plastic pots as it is easier to clean and disinfect them. Unlike clay pots, plastic vessels interfere with evaporation therefore it is necessary to be extremely careful when watering a plant and to use well trained earth. Clay pots - porous and therefore the substratum dries much quicker, than in plastic, but from - for porosity roots of a plant begin to reach for walls of a pot and do not occupy all earth lump. In a plastic pot roots develop more evenly.

For cultivation of one and all cactuses very important that their substratum was constantly friable and easily passed water as the standing moisture causes rotting of roots in these plants. The basic formula of earth mix for these plants includes a third of the sheet earth, a third of sand and a third of coarse-grained material: pebbles, brick etc. This formula can change, depending on a species of a plant and features of conditions of its contents. And fertilizers need to be introduced in soil only during vegetation of a plant in small doses. It is impossible to feed up plants in a dormant period or at once after change.

In the winter - in a warm sunny weather it is necessary to air the room where there are cactuses as stood air and condensate can cause development of different diseases. Usually winter season coincides with the period of vegetative rest whereas spring and summer - with growth period. It is important to remember that the period of winter rest at a low temperature, low humidity of air and without watering is absolutely necessary for many cactuses for plentiful blossoming.

Cactuses are not loved when they are rearranged from place to place. Plants always have to be to light the same party. If this rule not to observe, then cactuses can dump buds or will not blossom at all. To overturn cactuses the opposite side to light to correct a sprout it is possible once a year, it is better in the spring when plants only started in growth and on them buds did not appear yet.

Always it is possible to determine by appearance of cactuses they have enough light or not. The plant well grows and develops, young escapes have brightly - green coloring - means, there is enough light. If the plant unnaturally changed the form, young escapes strenuously grow and are extended, get faintly - green or yellowish coloring, then your cactuses lack light. In the apartment best of all are suitable for placement of plants to Hugo - east windows where intensity of light grows gradually.

It is necessary to water cactuses generally only during vegetation (spring - summer), and in a dormant period (winter) watering is reduced or stopped at all.

Watering depends on many factors too: it is necessary to give to soil in a pot completely to dry before each following watering and to water seldom and plentifully. The watering mode during the period from late spring to late summer - as required, it is desirable the water heated to 35 C. Since the end of summer watering is reduced, and from the middle of fall sharply limited. With approach of spring again very carefully and gradually begin to increase water doses. In the summer of a plant in hot days it is possible to sprinkle from a spray which has to give the smallest drops in the form of fog. It is better to sprinkle cactuses hot water in a warm and sunny weather.

Follow these simple rules and yours cheerful prickles will regularly please you with exotic flowers, incomparable and unique on beauty.]