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How to have a rest from daily reality?

the Large city give the mass of opportunities, but at the same time - demands the huge tension and constant need to be on the alert that takes away the mass of forces and energy.

Your life of a campaign on the Moebius band? Continuous cycle The Subway - work - the subway - the house occasionally - meetings with friends or visits of cinema? Your best friend now - the computer or the TV, also you suffer from shortage of communication?

There is an excellent opportunity to overcome loneliness in the big city. And it is called Role-playing Games .

Role-playing Games - the new project, a series of games with elements of logic and risk helping residents of big cities to have a rest from daily vanity, to have a good time and find new friends. You can come to game alone, but in 2 - 3 hours to receive a rare stock of good mood and positive emotions.

Now Role-playing Games are carried out in clubs of Moscow. One of such clubs - Cicterna Hall located near m. Mira Avenue. Games of the " series; There is no Exit take place in this club every Sunday.

On November 4 and 11 in club there will take place the game There is no Exit created based on the novel - the best-seller Subway 2033 Dmitry Glukhovsky.

Short plot: after falling of an atomic bomb, only those who at the time of explosion were in the subway survived. Each station became pass - the state, and other life, almost like real began: stations intrigue, are at war, unite - but at each station and each player has the purpose - and each player himself decides how to achieve these objectives. The success in game depends only on you.

Only in game it is possible to kill the rival to show the hidden talents or to overcome complexes. Because it is game, a combination of logical tasks and real-life communication. And after game - discussion in which not only leaders, but also all participants of last game participate.

Other clubs, bars, the websites have a rest! It is not necessary to abuse alcohol and

virtual communications to start new acquaintances and to have a rest.

Role-playing Games in " club; Cicterna HALL pass every Sunday. A series of games according to the book Subway 2033 goes on November 4 and 11, then will play games on State Duma elections of the Russian Federation, and after New year participants of games will begin to build business in the game reality created on book " plots; " Airport; Arthur Haley. Several tens people participate in each game.

Come! Bring friends!

I receive a charge of new impressions and surprising emotions, so necessary before working week.]