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What effect massage has?

Maintenance of good health.

At intensive massage of 1 - 2 time a week, at careful, soft massage daily for 15 minutes to carry out the main program.

Depending on requirement and a situation, every day it is necessary to find the most important points (first of all in this painful zone!) .

Ideal: the main program to carry out once a week - all life! Experience shows that very few people keep such duration.

It is very reasonable to be engaged in massage depending on requirement, that is to repeat sessions of massage daily, for 15 minutes, within three weeks.

Also performance of a series of sessions of massage with ­ more strict requirements is recommended­, for example, during vacation, before visit of school and a kindergarten, or in the spring and to conduct a short course of massage in combination with a diet, gymnastics, meditation etc. in the fall - the present program of improvement!

Sharp violations of health.

In such situation is recommended to carry out massage one or several times a day. It is during the day recommended to carry out 15 minutes the main ­ program, and to pay special attention to the struck zones. Directly affected areas are recommended to be massed several times during the day, but it is short.

At a headache to meet each new attack by the calming ­ influence (contacts, strokings), gradually pain will cease. ­ It is recommended to carry out the main program with the center of gravity in a ring of the II body daily.

Big advantage is massage and self-massage of the house, in the bosom of the family: it is possible to take the appropriate urgent measures at once. It is possible to fight against an indisposition or an illness even before its obvious manifestations (see the section “ ­ Supportive applications “) .

Chronic diseases.

do not hurry! If you decided to struggle purposefully with a chronic disease or want to get rid of feeling of incompleteness of health, the hidden indisposition, it is very important to make the action plan for the long period of time.

1. Several days - the main program: daily 15 - 30 minutes of a light massage. To mass an affected area carefully and quickly, softly “ to awake “ to transfer to a sharp state. This activization has to awaken reminiscence of the reason ­ of a present state, has to awaken a body and soul to fight against it. To pay attention to sensitivity of zones standing!

2. Several days - the reduced main program; the main ­ work is conducted over the struck zones, they constantly are under the soft making active influence. These places by this moment became very painful, and it is easy to find them. On appropriate places on foot, as well as on a body, it is necessary to pay special attention (pain as the indicator!), it is necessary to influence them more intensively. To watch reactions, to try to avoid excess reactions.

3. Meanwhile more and more time within several days to carry out the main program of massage.

Treatment of some chronic violations of health can ­ continue from several days to several months. The sore kidney, for example, demands the whole year and long-term regular treatment for its regeneration. The liver is restored much quicker.

A serious chronic illness it is impossible to treat alone at all! It is recommended to see a doctor or the healer who is ready to solve your personal problems (to make the exact diagnosis, to observe you, to conduct control researches) and to respectively support you (­ medicines, a course of treatment, a diet etc.) .

The state which is made active by MRZN allows the doctor to make ­ the diagnosis, it is better to carry out treatment chronic, “ sleeping “ process.

Tell the doctor when you, along with other measures, begin to be engaged in MRZN for the purpose of preservation of the health or elimination ­ of indispositions (if the doctor does not perceive you as responsible patient, it is necessary to think and whether you should not replace the doctor).

Mental problems, psychosomatic diseases.

At their treatment is recommended to follow the same rules, as at treatment of chronic diseases. In hard cases it is necessary to combine MRZN with psychotherapeutic treatment, at the same time it is much more expedient that massage was carried out by the partner, than to be engaged in self-massage! It is necessary ­ to avoid excess influence, do not force the patient (for example, you seek to avoid crying). In mild cases it is possible to recommend both self-massage, and massage with the partner. Massage time in each case depends on circumstances.

Example: fears, sleeplessness, shock consequences - massage within three weeks; every evening within 15 minutes very carefully to carry out the main program, paying special attention to special zones. Oil from rose-petals or from leaves of cinnamon increases the calming influence!]