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How to clean the mobile phone?

Hardly every time before using the cell phone, you wash hands. Therefore it is quite natural that the keyboard, the case and the display of any tube are soiled over time (and the screen can be also it is scratched). What to do if the mobile phone lost the original state? So innocent question took employees of the service centers unawares. Many admitted that they still somehow did not think of this problem. And still, having thought, could make several useful recommendations.

We will begin with simple - from cleaning of the case. It is impossible to wash the cell phone in habitual understanding of the word, of course. If pernicious moisture inside filters, renovation will develop into capital. Do not recommend to use for rubbing of the case alcohol too. The matter is that after it quite often there are ugly stains or a white raid - a trace of fast evaporation. Besides, alcohol can get in the device and damage a varnish on some details and contacts. Provocative assumption And if gasoline? caused the real panic in employees of customer services. No way! - unanimously experts cried. Gasoline is capable to burn gentle plastic.

The simplest of admissible decisions - to wipe the case of the mobile phone with the cotton wool which is slightly (!) moistened in water. For safety at the same time it is better to disconnect the accumulator. At devices with the removable forward panel for cleaning of the keyboard it is convenient to remove this panel. However here it is necessary to work extremely carefully and to carefully wring out water (only not over a tube). However, water it is impossible to call a method extremely effective.

Special hygienic napkins for mobile phones can become more successful decision (there are also such!) . Telephone napkins of Phonecleans delete paint, fat and other spots which are not decorating the device from cellular tubes. And they not only clean, but also deodorize a surface and delete microbes. They are delivered in bags and banks (tubes). Napkins are made of the soft, well absorbing material, contain the clearing solvents, strong bactericidal substances and fragrance. It is possible to apply them to any phones. However, such napkins not too cost little. Some universal cleaning wipes suit for mobile phones too.

From domestic means recommended us special spray for cleaning Video-tape editing . It can be bought in radio shops approximately for 50 rubles. After putting this liquid on a surface of its device it is necessary to wipe with a soft napkin or suede carefully. It is better not to use fabric as fibers can get in phone. It should be noted that the majority domestic washings (besides according to employees of the service centers) are not intended for cell phones therefore, getting this or that cleaner in shop, it is worth taking an interest on this subject at the seller.

If you are not inclined to experiments, and time to clean a tube already came, address in the corresponding workshop. There from dust apply an air purge to cleaning of cellular devices and special vacuum pass - vacuum cleaners. Besides, we were told about the special device using ultrasound for removal of the smallest particles of dust. Such procedure will cost 200 - 350 rubles. And replacement of the keyboard with the erased figures on new - no more than $30.

For cleaning of the display from spots of fat, fingerprints and dirt it is possible to use special spray of BASF firm. It is intended for screens of cell phones and glasses of hours. The price of one barrel - about $5. It does not delete scratch, but the real glass cleans not bad. Before washing the device it is necessary to switch off and remove the accumulator. Then apply liquid on the display and wipe it with a pure tissue or a piece of soft suede.

But at active operation (and especially if the display slightly convex as, for example, Siemens S25) on screens inevitably have unattractive scratches. At desire and it is possible to get rid of them. At models of certain producers (we will tell, Ericsson) displays from the real glass and to scratch them not easy. However there are tubes (the majority of the Nokia models) at which the screen is made of two glasses. External protects internal from mechanical damages. Strictly speaking, it not glass, but plexiglas. Over time external becomes useless - grows turbid from - for sets of microscratches. The special grinding pastes help to return initial gloss and transparency.

Polishing can subject only plexiglas - the tsarapinka causing a zamutneniye will disappear, and the screen will look as new. The grinding paste will not have desirable effect on the real glass. And then the only way to get rid of scratches - to replace glass. In the service centers from you will take 150 - 300 rubles for this procedure, depending on device model. The grinding paste stands up $8-10 for a tube and, as far as we know, in Russia is not made. The service centers and the advanced users buy it abroad - in Germany or Finland. However, to get the whole tube to individuals there is no special sense, it is enough for several phones much, and the expiration date of paste is, as a rule, limited. Some service centers undertake to execute polishing of the screen of the mobile phone for 50 rubles. Process of polishing is simple: paste is applied on a surface of the display and rubbed by suede or a piece of soft dense fabric. As a result of annoying small scratches as did not happen!