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What herbs to use for a healthy sleep?

It is no secret that the healthy and correct sleep is necessary to one and all. Especially now, when we passed to winter time, and our organism everything cannot adapt to it in any way. However often we face a problem of sleeplessness which we solve usually by means of somnolent preparations, forgetting that there is safer and not less effective remedy of fight against sleeplessness: medicinal herbs. Their impact on a human body is studied long ago, and in Germany they are officially included into the list of medicines. Their advantage before tablets is indisputable: they are natural, have practically no side effects, and, above all at prolonged use do not cause dependence. In this article it will be told about medicinal herbs on the basis of which you will be able independently to prepare the tea calming and suitable you.

Valerian root.

Tea from a root of a valerian is effective, first of all, at the internal, sincere concern and a sleep disorder caused by nervous experiences. It can also help at the gastric and intestinal problems connected with nerves. Unfortunately, given medicine has an essential shortcoming: a specific smell therefore, it needs to be stored in densely closed capacity. Therefore it is expedient to combine a valerian root with other medicinal herbs.


contain Flowers of hop as the main components bitter, tannins and essential oils. It is interesting that with reduction of bitter substances in hop alcohol is formed (metilbutenol). Flowers of hop are useful not only in the form of tea. Small pillows from hop also render somnolent effect.


Fine violet flowers of a lavender exhale in the summer very strong aroma. Therefore, they are a classical component of the calming additives for bathtubs or aromatic small pillows. Tea, infused on lavender flowers, is effective at internal concern, sleeplessness, diarrhea, an abdominal distension and warm frustration caused by nervous experiences.


Thanks to its fragrant smell, still call a melissa a lemon plant. The substance which is contained in leaves makes the calming impact, helps to fall asleep and cope with zheludochno - intestinal frustration. However its influence not such strong as we will tell at a valerian root therefore usually leaves of a melissa apply in a combination with other herbs.

Passionflower (passionflower).

Flowers of a passionflower work usyplyayushche and are effective at conditions of concern, slight sleep disorders and nervous breakdowns of a stomach and intestines.

Prepare the tea from medicinal herbs. It is good if someone has herbs collected by the hands in the summer. If is not present - it is always possible to find the most various medicinal medicines in sale:

25 g Tsvetkov of

hop of 25 g Tsvetkov of a lavender

of 25 g Listyev of a melissa

of 25 g Tsvetkov of a passionflower

Thoroughly mix the dried-up herbs and fill in 150 - 200 ml of boiled water. Let`s be drawn 5 - 10 minutes.

Somnolent preparations still belong to the most chastoupotrebimy drugs in general. And it in spite of the fact that it is well known about their heavy side effects and the dependence caused by them. Therefore try to use whenever possible not chemical preparations, but gifts of the nature. The nature of bad will not advise!]