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“ How five axioms mademoiselle Koko at an exhibition in the Pushkin museum are presented? Having For the first time heard

in September that in Mosk there will take place the exhibition of the Great milliner Chanel, I at last visited this corner of the history Haute couture created by Jean - Louis Froman (Jean - Louis Froman) known, first of all, as the author of concepts of exhibitions of the modern art. However the house of Chanel at a podotovka of the Moscow project addressed it, and in my opinion did not lose...

Having staid on a rain and cold an hour and a half with three tens the most different persons, beginning from grandmothers - the pensioners tortured by nostalgia, quite serious ladies sparkling diamond earrings and rings even from under gloves and scarfs, finishing the company of the young people of an unclear floor, in peracute expressions commenting on our government...

At last, having finally lost hope to touch to fine live and safe, t. to serious dismantling for the place in turn among all this brotherhood where both aunties, and grandmothers, and youth participated began, I came into treasured doors...

Creation of an exhibition goes not on a standard canon of temporary sections whose convention was so not loved by Koko, and on subjects.

The first subject - Les Noirs, Black: Vnachala costs this room as a cabin, living black fabric and smelling some of a palette of aromas of Chanel. Through it you pass and it appear in the room devoted to a small black dress. Here and Rodchenko`s pictures from him it is black - white geometry under the name “ Limit despair “ (if to get accustomed, then it is possible to find the image of a human figure, but it - if to get accustomed), and Catherine Deneuve 1963 in Walter Keron`s picture - in a black dress, with a face of the vicious grammar-school girl; “ " Ferrous metal; the modern sculptor Jim Lambi - a quilted metal rectangle with fragmentary, as at fabric, edges. Edith Piaf with her languid hoarse voice; and even that black dress from a crepe of 1926 with V - figurative cut.

The second subject - Le Tweed, the Tweed: its novel with the main carrier of a tweed, the duke Vestminstersky. Cloths of the English landscape writer John Konstebl living in the 18th century. Several identical pictures of white color with slightly visible beige stripe, in other department “ Tweed “ - a realistic picture with the plowed field. And her suits, certainly, - she made a tweed object of desire of women of fashion.

The third subject - Rouge, Red: the Cabin with ChanelΉ5 smell. It it is resistant - red lipstick (it was necessary just to powder lips, and all secret); her girlfriend Misya Sert going in red, dementing all men from 16 to 80; experiments with lipstick of Fabrice Ibert and Andy Warhol and, at last, its well-known phrase: “ I have to anybody no warm feelings. I or love, or - no “.

The fourth subject - Sables, Sand: a zybucha, as well as it is necessary to this substance. Also it is aristocratical as beaches of Riviera. At Chanel it was shown in creation of the knitted suits taking the form of a female figure. At her friend Pablo Picasso - in the picture “ Bathers - Biarritz, summer 1918 “. At the British artist Ania Gallachio who was born much later two of these geniuses, the same subject became a gold network. In the same section it is possible to see a photo: the prince Dmitry Pavlovich was inclined over the woman having a rest in a hammock. The woman is Coco Chanel. This gold time as sand, flowed away through her fingers too.

At last, a subject fifth - Venices, Venice. It is not a typographical error. Them at it a set - this city is doomed to richness and eternal variability. From there, as Chanel, her Byzantine style found. There lived all her friends. And there Dyagilev died, and they with Misy, both dressed in white, carried him he wanted to bury on the island San - Michele - that they were in white. By the way, here, in the Venetian section, ingenious Jeff Koons`s mirror " will be presented; Christ and angel “.

The similar exhibition was not in the Pushkin museum yet. And the similar exhibition was not in the history of the House of Chanel yet. In the museum “ Metropolitan “ the Chanel collection was presented to New too - York, but it were only displays of models and a few facts about Gabrielle`s life... Idea of creativity and what gave it strength to create an exposition did not show.

I left the museum in surprisingly high spirits in what time for itself having opened that the fairy tale created for a brand gives it that mysteriousness which so attracts us and that than life and Great Koko`s creativity can be more mysterious?]