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How to achieve that the wife changed you or left?

U you the remarkable, faithful and loving wife? You have a fine family, the cordial, kind, confidential relations? All this already got and there is a wish that it left you or, at the worst, changed?

Here to you recipe! It is checked on many and many families. It is handed down from the father to the son and from the grandfather to the grandson. Use on health! Only consider, back nothing can be returned. Or it is incredibly difficult.

1. Never be interested at the wife what she wants. Concentrate only on your feelings and desires. Let all life in a family spin around you.

2. Insist on that the wife did not work, and stayed at home. The house it is full of affairs - let her be engaged in them. You come home as it is possible later - the man has to have a work on the first place.

3. To a maniakalnost be jealous. Demand the report on any absences. Check its phone and arrange cross-questioning on the subject who such Marinka? .

4. At the same time do not limit the sexual life to one wife. You can even especially not hide it - you the man, therefore, have the right. Let you be called home by your girlfriends. The wife has to understand and accept male weaknesses.

5. Be petty and greedy. Never do gifts to the wife just like that . And it is better - at all never do them. Money will be more whole. Each purchase of the wife condemn. That the woman - some can buy nobody the necessary nonsense for a fantastic sum.

6. Limit the wife in contacts. Forbid it to meet girlfriends. God forbid it to go to a meeting with schoolmates. In shop behind products only and in a garden for the child.

7. Never you tell compliments. At all never make a declaration of love - even under torture. Still what.

8. Have sex monotonously. About it read nothing, you do not look, you study nothing. Do just as it is good to you, and the wife - will be interrupted. If she at the same time cries and groans - so it with happiness that it has such cool husband. After an ejaculation turn away at once and fall asleep. Also remember: any (I emphasize!) any preliminary caress . All quickly and dry ! Cheap but good.

9. Do not care for neatness and purity. Throw dirty socks on a chandelier - they so fine from there hang down. You go crumpled and dirty - the man should not care for any nonsense.

10. You bring friends home suddenly. The wife should have no other cares except how to serve your booze.

11. Be aggressive and rough. You use foul language more often. Best of all at children. Do not hesitate to let loose hands, beats - means loves.

12. Or, on the contrary, be tender to excessive sweetness. You say all words with umenshitelno - caressing suffiksika. Behave as the child. Dump all housework on the wife.

P. S. Surely there will be readers who will ask: why it is necessary that the wife left? I answer in advance: if you want that it did not leave, do on the contrary!]