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Why in Finland rush mobile?

Yes, yes all of you correctly read, mobile, but not something another. Representatives of Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Finland participate in the World Cup in a throwing of mobile phones which takes place in Finland.

Despite the seeming lightness of an event, the World Cup in a throwing of mobile phones has the rules, procedure of registration of participants, and regulations.

it is possible to speak At the championship both in a team competition, and in individual. There is a division into man`s, female and junior categories.

Participants of the championship compete as in traditional style - who will throw further, and in free where the most important - originality and virtuosity of a throw which are estimated by jury.

Apparatus participants usually choose - often bring with themselves the bothered old phone. However, the brought phone has to be still approved by judges: only branded phones are allowed to participation in competitions, fakes cannot be thrown. And if phone it grieves someone to leave the old mobile phone, for a throwing it is possible to get on the place.

Weight throwing shell can fluctuate from 220 grams to more than 400 grams.

Perhaps, most of all joy of competition is given children. It is absolutely with impunity possible to throw and break expensive device. And for adult participants it is a quite good opportunity to exhaust .

The organizer Christina Lund (Christine Lund) answers a question of the reason of popularity of competitions with a question: And unless you never wanted to throw far away the mobile phone when already there was no patience to wait any more for an important call when the accumulator at the most inappropriate moment sat down or when the news received by phone was not absolutely pleasant?

According to her, the relation to the mobile phone at many people very personal, often phone connects people and brings joy of communication, but becomes frequent a source of irritation or the involuntary bad bulletin .

Besides, it also ecological campaign - old phones from the championship go to utilization.

If it is serious, then the championship is an also huge advertizing campaign. As prizes winners are handed, certainly, the newest models of mobile phones. And if it was not succeeded to win new phone, then it in the championship can always be bought instead of the destroyed old.

Probably, it promoted distribution of fashion on the similar championships and in other countries. Great Britain, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia with pleasure leave the shabby tubes, crumpled them in unknown distances. With new phone and new mobile services life becomes brighter, new opportunities for creativity and self-expression appear.

Admit that sometimes unpleasant conversation, the bad connection or other annoying circumstances enrage you. You begin to have burning desire to throw the mobile phone where - nibud far away for visibility limits - forever. You hardly come to realities thus as phone almost native, costs money and it is just a pity for it. But now it is possible to throw out the mobile phone directly in the mobile phone! Such opportunity Java - the game Throwing the cellphone - a mobile phone Throwing is dressed.

Get rid of the aggression devouring you, having become the participant of nontrivial competitions on a throwing of cell phones! Throw the mobile phone as it is possible further and enjoy tranquility and the results!

To in total you kind, good luck!