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How to prolong life to the mobile phone?

On the available statistics, people change tubes more often not because they failed. Just the fashion changes, inquiries change, there is a need for more prestigious model. Nevertheless, many, despite fashion, are ready to use also obsolete models (if only the tube worked).

Modern phone went a long way from a usual radio telephone to very difficult device. Its powerful radio transmitter, the sensitive receiver, acoustic part, the liquid crystal display, the power-intensive battery, the built-in computer constantly work in severe conditions of operation.

However the statistics shows that problems in operation of phone most often occur because of the owner and is much more rare - from - for marriage of firm - producer.

Experts developed a simple set of the rules allowing to prolong significantly life of your old friend and his companion - the battery.

The main thing governed: never try to reanimate phone independently! Entrust the problems to professionals. Only the skilled doctor will be able to cure it (or verifies death).

Other useful rules

Preserve the favourite against moisture. For an exception new (and enough expensive) models, phones do not transfer rains - typical manifestations of our climate.

By the way, " phone; dies not at once. There can pass several days before its cheerful screen forever goes out. During this time corrosion manages to work over all its components.

When falling phone in water first of all it is necessary to remove from it the accumulator (to press the button power off insufficiently: the part of systems of phone all the same remains energized), and then whenever possible quickly to carry the device in a workshop.

Do not try to dry the device independently the hair dryer or other devices! Only full dismantling, washing in an ultrasonic bathtub and the subsequent drying can yield positive result. And to sort, wash out and competently will be able to dry up only in the certified service centers.

Very often phones break from - for falling and blows. In similar cases replacement of the damaged details which usually are in the service centers usually is required. And tubes from a pocket (buy a cover and the holder), in the car fall during sharp braking (there are special car holders), or from hands of your restless children (clean far away from children`s eyes).

It is forbidden to use the corroding chemicals and solvents for cleaning of phone. Why - it is not necessary to explain.

One of the most quickly spoiling phone elements - the rechargeable battery. Its replacement - expensive pleasure therefore before buying the new accumulator, it is necessary to test old nevertheless. It is not excluded that it can be restored.

of the Service regulation of rechargeable batteries

Before replacement of the battery should switch off phone.

For battery charging use only the original chargers recommended by the manufacturer.

Some types of the new or long stored batteries reach the nominal capacity only after 2 - 3 cycles of a charging / discharge.

Heating of the battery at charging is connected with process of restoration of a charge and is not malfunction.

should not leave the battery in the switched-on charger longer, than for 24 hours.

in order to avoid a battery exit out of operation do not subject to its influence of high temperatures (for example, do not leave battery / phone in the closed car on the sun). At impact on the battery of low temperatures its capacity can decrease.

If you do not use the battery, store it in the dry, cool place. As a rule, the new, and also long stored batteries are charged slowly.

Avoid contact of the battery with metal objects.

do not allow hit of the battery in fire or in water.

For cleaning of contacts use soft cotton fabric.

other obvious rules

attentively to read to I the instruction about operation.

Upon purchase is attentive to study guarantee certificates of the seller. be convinced by

Before search of a workshop that guarantee period did not expire.

to Preserve the weakest places of the device (the display, flip, the socket of the network adapter, the antenna).

Sometimes nevertheless phone breaks because of the come old age. For example, mechanical wear of mobile parts: keyboards, sliding antenna, cover of the microphone, system socket. There`s nothing to be done - forward, behind the new mobile phone. In this case to repair - is more expensive to itself.