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How the dollar dies?

In each country are the monetary unit, pride of the nation, and a statehood sign. But what occurs when some of notes become useless, and is not able to represent one of symbols of the state sovereignty any more? And everything is farther simply - money is ruthlessly and irrevocably destroyed

One of the most technological process of utilization of cash dollars which to be carried out by federal reserve banks is considered. Attended to this problem of the USA long ago - in 1966 the secretary of Treasury granted to federal reserve banks the right to resolve an issue of destruction of banknotes.

Since the middle of the sixtieth and prior to the beginning of 1981 it was revealed, cancelled and destroyed the paper money not suitable for further use, for total amount of $123 billion. The way of destruction depended on the technology applied in each separate bank - burning, crushing or dispersion.

How exactly 12 federal reserve banks and Treasury of the USA carry out the functions on maintenance of the corresponding physical condition of the paper money which is in circulation it is possible to consider on the example of Federal reserve bank of New - York where in day it is destroyed paper money more than for $

7 million this procedure Begins with sorting and recalculation of banknotes. Employees for whom calculation of money is their daily duty check the sums granted by deposit establishments, select unusable banknotes, sort face value and put in packs hundred pieces in everyone. False banknotes come to light and go to the Secret service of Treasury.

Then sheaves on 1000 banknotes of identical face value then these sheaves keep within on 300 pieces the closed carts are formed and transported to the division which is engaged in repayment and destruction of banknotes, operating in structure of cash department. There sheaves are divided into packs again, and they refuel in the car which punches four diamond-shaped openings in banknotes and cuts them in length on two parts.

For each bank the are determined number and a form of openings. The vacuum prefix sucks away the cut-out diamond-shaped pieces of banknotes in a big plastic bag. Before process of direct destruction of banknotes begins, for manual check several lower half of the cut packs are selectively selected. Upon termination of check the party of banknotes is considered ready to destruction.

After delivery of packs to the furnace the quantity of half packs is checked again, and they are located on the elevator which is automatically sending them to a fire chamber. On burning of 2200 sheaves about four hours leave at a temperature up to 1800 Fahrenheit -

Ashes daily is removed from the furnace and is poured in barrels. Not burned down scraps of banknotes are taken and burned with new batches of worn-out money next day to achieve their elimination.

12 federal reserve banks destroy banknotes of all face values, except the gold certificates issued till 1934 and banknotes of an old sample. These two categories are destroyed in coordination with Treasury. After cancellation of papers the lower halves, but which there are signatures of the treasurer of the USA and the Minister of Finance, are transported to Washington. Before confirmation of their receiving by Treasury the top halves are stored in banks and only after that are burned with the next portion of the decayed money.

In recent years New - the York federal reserve bank began to use the high-performance electronic equipment allowing to sort, recalculate and destroy obsolete banknotes with a high speed. The modern car checks up to 67 thousand banknotes an hour what gives 100% growth in comparison with the device of average productivity.

Here and comes to an end dollar life, and our article too. Progress and victories all!]