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Orenburg down products. What to choose?

Rather often ask to give us consultation according to characteristics of products: what they differ in that it is better to choose for a gift, than the spider line differs from a scarf etc. In this note we would like to generalize our experience and to make a short selection of the main properties of products:

1. The scarf is often chosen from - for its popularity in Russia and beyond its limits. However it should be noted that also spider lines and shawls equally belong to legendary Orenburg down scarfs. “Just scarfs“ have the following characteristics:

Warm knitting - the main property of a down scarf. First of all, products have practical appointment - to warm the hostess.

of Raspushennost - the property acquired when carrying a product. New products or not fluffed up at all, or slightly fluffed up since the new scarf cannot be fluffed up fully without sharp deterioration in its properties (some sellers raspushivat products initially, reducing scarf service life sometimes to several months while the qualitative scarf can serve decades). The fluffed-up product amazingly soft to the touch. The real scarf - as if a bud of a fine flower which being dismissed becomes finer. Raspushivatsya well when carrying all handiwork. Scarfs of factory knitting practically not pushatsya except for several of their versions.

Summary. Scarfs - the good choice for those who choose a product from - for its practicalities.

2. A shawl - a down scarf of warm knitting with the brushes doing a product to more elegant. Shawls with an embroidery - the elite products serving as a magnificent gift both for themselves and are most interesting to close people.

Summary. the Shawl - expensive elite gift.

3. A spider line - a down scarf of openwork knitting.

the Palatine - a spider line - a scarf.

Beautiful patterns - unlike usual scarfs, spider lines and palatines draw attention with the interesting patterns put on all product.

to Thin spinning - thinly weaved down threads do a product amazingly easy. The most part of palatines and spider lines passes through a ring.

Lack of solid fibers (awn) - at products of warm knitting (scarfs and shawls), as a rule, is not possible to remove completely solid fibers which can make a product first a little prickly: at handwork the awn is not felt absolutely or is poorly expressed - subsequently dissoluteness completely hides an awn, factory work of solid fibers has more - and not at all factory products they completely are removed subsequently. there is practically no

In spider lines and palatines of manual and factory work of solid fibers that does them pleasant naoshchup initially.

the Choice of color - best of all, as a rule, looks classical white color. Choose also gray, blue, black and other colors.

Summary. Spider lines and palatines - a remarkable gift which has to be pleasant surely. it is possible to Buy

the Orenburg down products about which it was told in article, in particular, in the Internet - Palantin shop. ru.]