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How to learn to give and accept love? Part 2.

In the first part of article we began conversation on that, prime needs of the man and woman for the relations are how various!

3. It needs respect, to it - appreciation.
When in the treatment of the woman the man recognizes and puts on the first place of her right, desire, requirement, thought and feeling, she is sure that she is respected. Concrete, notable expressions of this respect - flowers, memory of birthday, family dates, etc. - are very important for satisfaction of the third of prime female needs for the sphere of love. It is much easier for the woman feeling respect of the man to show to it appreciation which he deserves.

When as a result of efforts of the man to the woman it is good, she is grateful to him for it. Appreciation - natural response to feeling of support. Feeling appreciation of the woman, the man knows that his efforts did not go to waste, and will double them with new forces. And the respect for the partner will increase.

4. It needs devotion, to it - admiration.
When the man regards as of paramount importance inquiries of the woman (but not own interests - work, study, entertainments etc.) also is proud of what can support her in everything, it satisfies the fourth prime need of the partner - to be darling. Feeling what takes the most important place in his life, the woman not only itself blossoms, but also with ease begins to experience admiration to the partner.

In the same way as the woman needs devotion of the man, he needs its admiration. To admire the man - means to look at him with delight, joyful surprise, approval and pleasure. He feels admiration of the partner when that is happily struck, having found in it some special quality or talent. It can be sense of humour, force, commitment, integrity of nature, honesty, romanticism, kindness, love, understanding and other, so-called old-fashioned virtues. Feeling admiration of the girlfriend, the man gets enough confidence faithfully to devote himself to the woman and to adore her.

5. It needs recognition, to it - approval.
When the man does not look down on feelings and desires of the woman, does not argue with them, and accepts and acknowledges them, so to speak, legality, the woman feels as darling because her fifth prime need for the sphere of love is satisfied. (It is important to remember that he can recognize the point of view of the partner, having at the same time own.) When the man lets know to the woman that he recognizes her rights, he gets approval which is extremely necessary for it from her party.

At heart each man wants to be for well-loved by the hero, the knight in the sparkling armor. He is familiar the fact that it passed tests on the knight`s rank, the approval of the girlfriend demonstrating that the partner is good for it serves and it is quite satisfied with it. (You remember: to express to the man the approval not always means to agree with it.) Approval is a recognition of its acts or hope that good intentions move the partner. Getting so necessary support, it is easier for man to recognize validity of feelings of the partner.

6. It needs a confidence reinforcement, to it - encouragement.
When the man repeatedly proves to the woman that he understands, respects, appreciates it, is devoted to it, cares for it, thereby satisfies one more of her prime requirements: the woman needs confirmation that they are fine. Such behavior of the man means for the partner that she is loved always.

The man usually makes a mistake, believing that so far as he satisfied all prime needs of the partner for the sphere of love once, and that feels happy and sure, now she once and for all will believe that it is loved. However it not so. To the man it is necessary to support confidence of the woman again and again.

One of prime needs of the man - encouragement from the woman. The approving behavior of the girlfriend gives it hope and incentive as expresses belief in its abilities and a strength of mind. When the partner shows to the man trust, appreciation, admiration and approval, accepts it it what it is, it inspires him on becoming whenever possible even better what, in turn, moves the partner again and again to support confidence of the woman in the love - and it is that to it just and it is necessary.]