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God lives in other Universe? The Russian astrophysicist declares

: near us there is one more - parallel - the world

the Look from a world behind the looking-glass

Scientific the Cambridge and Princeton universities made a startler: pier, To the Big Bang thanks to which of emptiness allegedly there was a Universe, preceded Big splash . And there was it in somebody multidimensional space - not to three, as at us, and to eleven measurements, six of which are curtailed into microscopic threads. Energy of this splash generated Big Bang . And it, in turn, visible matter and time. There was our Universe which nowadays adjoins with that - maternal and invisible.

There is even a hypothesis that there - in world behind the looking-glass - also the Principal reason settles down. That is God.

Really?! We addressed for comments to astrophysics to Vladimir Lipunov.

Neither top, nor a bottom

- Hypotheses of existence of a set of the multidimensional Universes and the hidden mirror world by astrophysicists are discussed long ago, - Vladimir Mikhaylovich says. - However, so far - philosophically. Some also really do not exclude existence of a certain Principal reason there. Analogy offer such: to present itself - the inhabitant of three-dimensional space in which there is length, width and height, - deity watching hypothetical two-dimensional beings - ploskunam - such small squares or treugolnichka, for which world around flat. They do not even suspect that there is a concept top or bottom . Three-dimensional god for example, can press a finger ploskuna . And that will understand nothing. Will just freeze. And it is possible to move away in general him from the plane. And the figure will disappear from the world. To extreme surprise of people around.

- Agree, - professor continues, - and in our three-dimensional world there are enough inexplicable phenomena. Whether their reasons in the parallel Universe are hidden? If so, then it is necessary to recognize that there is still some measurement. And to think up a certain space Controller who operates us.

By the way, hypotheses of the parallel worlds were made also by our compatriots. Among them academician Moisey Markov. He considered that there are several worlds remote from each other on time quanta in which consistently there are identical processes. And therefore, if to learn to pass from the world to the world, it is possible to visit both the past, and the future. Other Russian scientist, professor of Pulkovo Observatory Nikolay Kozyrev, claimed that there are Universes parallel to ours, and between them there are tunnels - black and white holes. On black to holes from our Universe matter, and on " goes to the parallel worlds; white from them to us energy arrives. However, the idea about existence of the parallel world owns the person from time immemorial. Some researchers believe that else kromanyonets believed that smother deceased tribespeople and the animals who died on hunting go to these worlds, as is reflected in their drawings.

What was to Big Bang

- 30 years ago physicists avoided the question What was to Big Bang ? . Because did not know how to answer it. Now in connection with hypotheses of multidimensional spaces it is possible to speculate at least. I, for example, am sure almost for hundred percent that there is a five-measured Universe in which there is a certain membrane - elementary brick universe. And if there, in the fifth measurement, this membrane began to tremble once, then it also led to emergence in our three-dimensional space of a bubble which we call Big Bang .

And that is seen five-measured beings or, if you want, gods? They observe that in a certain Universe something shakes and on flat - in their understanding - space there is a ball which extends, and as a result there is a Milky Way. By the way, our galaxy vibrates as if an eardrum. Perhaps receives certain signals from the hozyayaev ?

A next world nearby

- Lately astronomers lost from a look already thousands of comets and cannot understand where they got to, - Vladimir Mikhaylovich says. - It is not excluded that the reason of mysterious disappearance of comets, as well as the remains of the Tungus meteorite and some other the space bodies crashing into Earth is covered in existence in the Universe exotic mirror substance which can be one of components of dark matter. By the way, thanks to it, perhaps, fireballs and even ghosts appear. At least such assumption was stated recently by the physicist, doctor Robert Foote from the Melbourn university.

- If mirror substance exists in reality, then have to exist also and mirror stars, mirror planets and even mirror life, - doctor Foote explained. - Many certificates speak well for the fact that our planet is often bombarded by the bodies consisting of mirror substance, causing strange events. For example, explosion of the found Tungus meteorite by nobody in the Siberian taiga in 1908. Or the case which occurred in Jordan in April, 2001. Then about hundred witnesses of a funeral procession observed a sphere which flew at low height, reserving a smoky trace, then was divided into two and crashed with explosion into the hill approximately at distance in one kilometer. Astronomers did not find either a crater, or meteorite fragments - only traces of the singed earth and the burned trees.

Theorists assume that each elementary particle has the mirror partner. But, as a rule, invisible. Only people with supersensitive mentality are psychics - can feel mirror matter physically on power splash from its interaction with our world.]