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Subconsciousness can do everything......

Ya want to share with you a number of the important receptions necessary for creation of new reality.

to use brain force, is not obligatory to know laws of physics at all or to understand essence of reality - to you not obligatory to know the device of the carburetor or system of ignition to drive the car.

Only the few understand cars, but it does not prevent most of people to operate them. In the same way the situation is and with a brain force - any can seize bases of this system and is successful put it into practice in everyday life.

Allow me to acquaint you with the fascinating world of these opening.

Think so as if each your thought is written by huge fiery letters in the sky and it is visible to everyone - so it and is.

Each person himself creates the life therefore critically look at the way of life.

you repeat that you seek for financial prosperity, however all the time complain of a lack of money and high cost.

you go in cycles in what not you have, you are frightened by the coming accounts, you are anxious and painfully deliberate how to cope with a situation. You strive for financial prosperity, but your consciousness is ready for lack of money and experience, and you will never achieve this prosperity.

Is possible, you need to find new work, and perspective where you could realize the creative potential and besides it is quite good to earn something interesting. Constantly repeating to itself that such work just does not exist that to you it, never to find, you really never receive it.

Perhaps, you want to be more sociable, relaxed, self-assured, however you constantly think how you are awkward are not able to join in, again and again reminding yourself of own problems and shortcomings. As a result you will hardly become that whom you want.

you can want to become strong, but if in your consciousness weakness took roots, you will only amuse yourself with hope that you will sometime get desired force. to

In a word, only desires to business you will not help. It does not make sense to hope that something will change. To work insufficiently simply tensely even if on twelve - fifteen hours a day. To move a little, it is necessary - I this quite serious condition - to change the views.

your brain is similar to a garden which it is possible to look after, and it is possible and to start it. You are a gardener and can grow the garden or to leave it in desolation. But know

: you should reap the fruits of either the work, or own inaction!

a brain creates the reality surrounding you...

you can agree or not agree with it, you. you can realize it and force the brain to work for yourself or to neglect everything, having allowed a brain to work so that you will be constantly pursued by failures. But the reality in which you live will be always created by your brain.

Let`s say you want to develop self-confidence. Using imagination, you represent yourself the sure personality. Mentally you make courageous acts and freely communicate with the most various people. You imagine situations which usually cause in you difficulties, and represent that you act in them easily, easy and try to obtain success. You can even imagine how your friends and colleagues pay you compliments, congratulating on the acquired self-confidence. You take pride and satisfaction as from the fact that you became the self-assured person, and from the resulted changes. You imagine what could and will happen to you, and live as though it occurs in reality.

Visualization is a visualization, playing, vision of in a situation which did not occur yet. The person imagines himself doing or having what aspires to, and receiving the desirable.


1. Solve what you want to achieve: to pass examination, to promote, with someone to get acquainted, earn a lot of money, to win in squash.

2. Relax. For several minutes distract from affairs and take breath, having a rest a body and soul.

3. During five - ten minutes mentally represent desirable reality.

think More that you do something or you get, but not about what could with bigger or smaller degree of probability to occur. Live in the thoughts as if it already happens to you. Create the small internal video movie. Represent yourself doing what you would like. On the one hand, you realize that it not really happens to you yet and did not become reality yet. But mental pictures which we to ourselves draw, of which constantly we think, become the base for our purposes, a form which is filled with energy. These pictures - the real force which will work for us.

At visualization allocate yourself with any necessary qualities. If the talent, courage, determination and persistence are necessary for your fancy, surely include them. Sometimes you will accurately see that you achieve the desired objectives as though you watch the movie. In other cases before you there will be only the most overall picture of your purposes. Well both that, and another. It is possible to alternate exact and free visualization, being engaged in everyone for five minutes, or to concentrate on something one that is pleasant to you more.

Exact visualization: Mentally create exact pictures and scenes of what you want to achieve. Follow in advance prepared scenario, having mentally lost it several times.

Free visualization: Allow images and thoughts to replace freely each other, without directing them, but only until they show a positive way of achievement of your purpose.

Use both methods, remembering that the main thing here - practice. Many experience difficulties at initial stages of visualization. Their brain cannot create and draw desirable scenes. Do not worry if the same happens also to you. The picture not necessarily has to be full and complete. Regularly being engaged in visualization, you with surprise will notice soon that your brain learns to generate mental pictures according to your desire.

Should note that it is not enough to present of something once or even twice. Results will appear if only the image imprints in consciousness for weeks and even months again and again until your purpose is carried out. Do not try to estimate results after one - two attempts of visualization,

If you suddenly have doubts - and they surely will arise - just ignore them. Do not try to resist to them and to fight with them, let them freely arise and disappear in your consciousness. Continue to be engaged in visualization, and everything will rise on the places.


1. Always represent the purposes as if all this happens to you right now. In the consciousness make it reality. Create detailed images. Get into the role and mentally play it.

2. Mentally represent the purpose not less once a day, without passing day. Repetition - mother of the doctrine.

Any thought which arose in your brain and strengthened there will render, impact on your life.

So, creative visualization has huge force, but in it there is nothing supernatural. It is based on operation of your internal mechanisms and energy, and also ability to creatively direct the internal resources.

At the correct organization imagination is one of the most dynamic opportunities of the person. Begin to use correctly this gift right now. Do not worry and do not think of the specific parties of this phenomenon, just trust in process. Demand follows the offer therefore you receive the necessary result in due time, Can not doubt, you will find ways and ways of achievement of the purpose: the nature will be able always to fulfill requirement imposed to it,

Often people want to know answers to all questions still before take the first step. We want to expect and know beforehand all subtleties of what will occur. But usually it does not work well, and often events develop in the most unexpected way.

Every day everything changes for the better

We play games, a brain, Creating the future from today... John Lennon knew

and applied methods of visualization and the statement. My brain carries out all this - he liked to repeat, And in the song Beautiful boy written to them for the son Xing, he and sings: Before falling asleep, pronounce words of this short prayer: Every day I feel better and better . Like Kue and a great number of other great people, it opened the way of knowledge of this eternal truth.

of the Song of John Lennon urge us to believe in themselves, in the forces and opportunities. As Whom do you consider yourself? Star? Well, you are right - he sings.

To be continued .

I wish you good luck, love and prosperity!]