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And you celebrate the Day of a steklodel?

Glass products accompany the person throughout many centuries, and it is not casual, glass always bewitched the person the simplicity and refinement.

November 19 in Ukraine is celebrated a professional holiday of employees of the glass industry Day of a steklodel . Yes, and such holiday is. Not the day off, unfortunately, but too an occasion to congratulate acquaintances who are connected with this difficult and interesting work.

What is glass?

From the point of view of physics, glass - a solid-state condition of amorphous substances. Some substances pass into a vitreous state at temperatures below the so-called temperature of vitrification (above this temperature they are in the melted state). Glass can be received by cooling of fusions so that to avoid crystallization. Glass can be received also by amorphicity of crystal substances, for example by bombing by a bunch of ions, or at sedimentation of vapors on the cooled substrates.

In fact, it is quartz sand with various additives. Heated to very high temperature, it turns into liquid. When hardening mix transparent or translucent solid material - glass also turns out.

From the simple human point of view, glass - surprising material, strong and fragile at the same time. In glass it is possible to do openings, deepenings, notches, i.e. it is possible to create practically any drawing, the special equipment (machines, tools, special desktops) for this purpose is necessary. The surface of glass can be processed sand, it will give it opaque color on its most part.

The furniture from it turns out unusual, festive. It does not overload space, not extinguishes the look also at the same time keeps full functionality.

What the profession - the glass blower is? to

Glass is known to mankind from time immemorial. In Egypt, several millennia ago, people learned to apply glass in the household and decorative purposes, and in ancient Russia earrings and a beads were made of glass. The first glass-blowing workshops appeared during the Middle Ages era.

The glass blower is the expert able to process the warmed glass. Keeping necessary amount of the melted substance on the end of a glass-blowing tube, he manages until it stiffened, to create a product of the necessary form. Then the master forces air in glass weight, trying to obtain receiving an equal bubble with the desirable thickness of walls. The necessary product - a vase, a bottle, a flask, a glass toy is also formed of this bubble.

Work of these experts is necessary at production of ware and decorative products from glass, chemical vessels and Christmas tree decorations. It is applied and at the enterprises which are letting out neon lamps.

The fact that you yet did not know about glass

- the Most fashionable demanded and what a sin to conceal, the highly paid glass blower that which is engaged in production of neon signs, the glass blower - a neonshchik.

- Organic glass (plexiglas) is the plastic which received the name for transparency, actually relations to glass it has no.

- Quartz glass can be also natural origin, formed at hit of a lightning in a deposit of quartz sand.

- All used in the movie The Barber of Siberia the ware was made by the special order by the Czech glass blowers.

Unfortunately, the profession of the glass blower becomes more and more rare and less demanded. The main reason - automation of processes of production of glass products. It also is clear - the car does quicker and cheaper. But if you need something special, made with soul, or even especially for you - welcome to glass blowers!]