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How to become popular? (A grant for men)

As furiously we envy in the childhood to school leaders. They have always the most abrupt jeans, the coolest equipment, they NEVER do homeworks and always meet with Ms. 11 - y B . We, having gritted teeth, we wish them to break a leg, to fail, disappear and not to make the life of us more miserable. We dream to grow and become big and beautiful.

We grow up and even we try to obtain some progress, but... These assholes grow up TOO and continue to spoil meanly to us mood. They work near us. They are ambitious, clever and sure of themselves. They have a faultless reputation and they belong to the elite... As they bothered! So in THEM such special?

Determination of popularity can change over time, but the main signs popular personality are firm as Pythagorean theorem or the law of universal gravitation. The popular man ALWAYS possesses charisma, is accepted by society (even if someone and DOES NOT LOVE the popular man, IT does not confuse the last), has attractive (from the point of view of most of people) appearance. Main sign of the popular man: women want to be WITH IT, men want to be HIM).

And now admit, you that this description concerned to you would like? If yes, that attentively read everything that is written further.

The first - be self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency not a synonym of self-confidence. You are not obliged to know everything on light or to be in the book first handsome of the kingdom . But you have to be happy with the appearance, accurately represent how you will act in the situations offered by life.

Take the lead. The popular man never sits on a tribune, observing as by there takes place parade. Even if he also sits, then be sure - it is part of the strategic plan. Just for it time to triumphally head parade did not come yet. So if you passed to new work or moved to the new residence, then your time came. The popular guy will never be a person without name, the person from crowd or simply nickname in ICQ.

The second. Become the interesting interlocutor. The popular man does not think of the question how to start talking to the stranger . It has in a stock one thousand and one way as to make it. And, even if conversation suddenly hung, he will derive benefit for himself even from this. How? And it already depends on a concrete situation - or will be to hold a pause as the good actor, or will break the prolonged silence a witty remark.

The third - be not afraid to be amusing. Sense of humour and ability to amuse people - the same talent as perfect ear or accuracy. But it is possible (and it is necessary) to learn it. You remember - your task is in that people laughed together with you, but not at you.

However, it is absolutely necessary to learn to be ridiculous lovely awkward, but not a laughing-stock. It is difficult. Therefore it is regularly necessary to look through comedies and to study at masters of a genre.

You learn to be in the right place in due time. Because the popular guy always accurately knows when to express and when it is much better to keep silent when time to work and when it is better to wait.

The fourth - remain the optimist in any situation. The photo will tell about you much, but the smile possesses magnetic action on men and women. People instiktivno reach for optimists. Many are dissatisfied with themselves and the situation in society. If you radiate positive energy, then people will think that you are able to solve their problems.

The fifth - you have to look good! So, you came to harmony with yourself, but if you still put on unpeeled boots, seldom brush teeth and instead of a hairbrush use own fingers, then, I am afraid, you will become the popular man not soon.

So: the hairdress has to be faultless (any dandruff), expensive perfume and well-groomed nails (a mourning border under nails and the bitten agnails - bad assistants in fight for popularity). As for clothes - it is important to follow that style which is convenient to you. Not necessarily a suit, it can be jeans and a sweater. But everything has to be pure...

The sixth - have own opinion and be able to defend it. And people around should have no slightest doubts concerning your awareness in this or that question.

The seventh - be cool. You not can is sensible to explain that such true composure, but you for kilometer will feel, the man has it or not. Some are lucky - they such are born. If you not among lucky, then watch more often movies with Clint Eastwood and imitate him.

So, we will summarize the aforesaid. You begin to work on yourself. You determine the level of the self-sufficiency and if it seems to you low, you increase it by means of the receptions described above. After a while you will notice results.

You change, the world around you will change. Sometimes these changes will be very painful. It is quite possible that you will lose on this way of some friends... But you will get new. The main thing - not to despair, and sooner or later everything will settle down and will rise on the places.

Irina Shanina