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How to choose a heater?

In your premises or office insufficiently warmly willows decided to get a heater, but do not know what to choose? This article will help you to decide on the choice of a heater.

The most widespread types of heaters.


2 oil heater. Convector

3. Fan heater

4. Infrared heater.


One of the most popular household heaters. They have power from 1,0 to 2,5 kW and are used in apartments, offices, at dachas.

Principle of work: in the tight metal case filled with mineral oil there is an electric spiral. Heating up, it transfers the heat to oil, and it, in turn - to the metal case, and then air. Its external surface consists of several sections (edges) - the more their quantity, the thermolysis is more extensive, at the equal capacities. The heater maintains the set temperature in the room and in case of an overheat is automatically switched off. As soon as temperature begins to fall - joins.

of Advantage: the low temperature of heating of the case (about 60 C), thanks to what not it is burned oxygen, is fireproof, silent, thanks to the thermostat and the timer some models do not demand shutdown, high mobility (existence of castors allows to move easily them from the room to the room).

Shortcomings: rather long warming up of the room (however keep heat longer), temperature of a surface of a radiator does not allow to touch freely it, rather big dimensions.

The CONVECTOR is similar

According to operational characteristics to the oil heater. Are used in apartments, offices, at dachas, in houses, and also it is possible to use as the main system of heating. Are preferable to rooms with low ceilings.

Principle of work: heating of the room happens to use of the convector due to passing of air through heating elements. The heating element has the big area and low temperature of heating. Therefore the below the convector, the more effective it work is installed. There are floor and wall convectors. Convectors in the presence of the timer are convenient in use, to the " function; inclusion delay .

of Advantage: it is fireproof, silent, a possibility of fastening on any wall, small dimensions, the smooth, flat case.

Shortcomings: without the built-in fan slow heating of the room.


the simplest and available heating device. It is used for fast warming up of small rooms. Have the power of 2,0 - 2,5 kW. In comparison with the oil heater and the convector have small dimensions. Fan heaters settle down on a floor, on a table, and also can fasten to a wall.

Principle of work: in a fan heater air heats up from the heated electric spiral and the fan moves in a heating zone. Temperature of an open electric spiral about 80C, and air at the exit from a fan heater always to 20`C. For improvement of uniformity of heating of the room the fan turns in the case. Case, as a rule, plastic.

of Advantage: very quickly heat air and distribute on room volume. Are disconnected in case of falling. Are protected from an overheat. Thanks to the thermostat regulate the established temperature and do not demand shutdown. Are compact and esthetic.

Shortcomings: the published noise in operating time on the raised turns. Air pollution owing to combustion of oxygen and parts of dust. The hammered dust, burning down on the heated spiral, can exude an unpleasant smell.


the Most perfect and economic heating devices are infrared heaters. The quartz radiator is suitable more for temporary heating in case it is not necessary to heat the room entirely.

Principle of work: the heater infrared long-wave OI creates thermal comfort, like the sun. It radiates a long-wave thermal component of a solar range. Thermal beams heat a floor, walls, objects and cars, from air kotorykhnagrevatsya.

Heats up not air, and a surface of surrounding objects!

use them for heating of bathing and shower rooms, terraces, balconies, cafe, restaurants.

of Advantage: economy of the electric power, it is silent at installation over working the place infrared a beam howl heating provides comfortable conditions for the working person without heating of all room.]