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How to choose a lodge in the village?

In villages, settlements, suburbs are a lot of empty houses now. The most part from them now is bought by citizens under dachas. They are used only in the summer, at a kitchen garden, and in the winter when everything is brought by snow, these houses, in fact, homeless. People, low-expert in constructions, buy these dachas, and to such buyers I would like to give several advice.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to is a roof. Thin promises one frustration not only in the form of a thaw and smudges on walls and a ceiling, but also in the form of the decayed beams, rafters. Even it is important to skilled owner who is capable to hold a saw and the axe in hand to foreknow a condition of a roof. Originally you can examine the house at any time, and here define final adjustment of the price for purchase after a rain, especially large. It - that will reveal all defects of a roof.

It is not necessary to tap meticulously walls in rooms, to try to discover a mold. At desire it is possible to leave all this finally. And in the beginning, without spending time for nothing, climb on an attic and there look for wet places. Pay the main attention to walls, it is necessary that the top wreath (it still call single) was dry. If it wet, you kolupnit a log, at a long thaw it for certain decayed. It can be pierced not only a nail, but also a finger. If this log turned into dust, so also lower two are seriously sick - three logs, and outside they can look quite sound, and decay spreads inside. On a single wreath rafters, in essence - all roof, on the following wreath - a ceiling fasten. Decay of logs - it is very dangerous. For replacement of unusable logs it is necessary to open a roof, at best - to cut out rotten and to insert new pieces instead of cut out. Only the expert and not alone can make all this.

If the roof flows in the middle, then it does not decorate a roof too, but it is less dangerous as it is easier to strengthen rotten rafters and beams. And if ceiling boards, then it at all it does not matter decayed: as a last resort rotten it is possible to sew up with boards from within the room. It, of course, will spoil appearance, but the ceiling will serve as new. And at ability darning it is possible to make decorative or to arrange a hinged ceiling, to close darning chandelier and so on.

At once go down from an attic in an underground. It is possible to examine logs, adjacent to the earth, in any other time, but after a rain shortcomings can be more visible as on an attic, you will see where drips on a wall. Can happen so that water, flowing down on a wall, will most of all impair a little lower wreaths where dampness from the earth remains longer. Pay on it special attention. In an underground logs have to have dry earth and if wet, then for certain logs rotten. To be convinced of it, it is possible to hammer a nail into a log, but most often rotten logs settle under weight of the house, and it is visible at once.

After that it is possible to bypass the house, it is desirable having receded from it meters on 20 - 30, and even more. Look, whether at a direct roof ridge, its plumbs whether directly there is a house. The lowered corner, as a rule, indicates rotten logs, the sunk base.

Pay attention to what roofed and how many time. I happened to see roofs from spill which decayed and is covered in addition with roofing felt or roofing material. Very unreliable roof! Roofing felt on chips quickly becomes useless, to patch such roof very difficult, it is more reliable to do anew. And whether such skin is worth the candle? Also old slate, especially thin is unreliable: from - for an old age it becomes fragile. The iron roof, though semifresh is the best of all. It is easier to dolly up it including holes. For this purpose only old rags and oil paint are necessary. Separate cracks and small holes in slate can be eliminated with solution of cement and the same rags. At the same time slate is purified of dirt and dust, becomes covered with solution of cement, the rag moistened in cement solution and is smoothed down.

Except kryshinad the head, the house has to be warm, only then the necessary cosiness even in the modest room, rather poor and simple is created. Look if whether a pipe at an oven. Yes, yes! Old houses can have no pipes over a roof. The oven is, the Swede or the Russian, and here the pipe - is not present. And if is whether then built a nest of a bird in it? Phenomenon, alas, too frequent. From the fact that former owners came to the dacha only in the summer and only in the afternoon they did not heat the furnace and the pipe was reliably mastered by birds, having brought in it already to one generation of baby birds. I had to see how from a samovarnik of the Russian oven when cleaning the huge number of feathers, branches and other accessories of a bird`s nest was taken except soot. Saw the whole bricks which fell in an exhaust outlet of a pipe and at all corked an exit to a smoke. Let you be not frightened by the black smudges which seemed from the place where the vyyushka is located, during your first fire chamber. Most often it occurs from - for the fact that the oven long was not used, grew with soot, the stove-setter will easily eliminate the last.

After the first fire chamber in the house dampness, the phenomenon too usual can appear, and there will pass week or two before the furnace and the room gets warm. On warming up of the furnace several fire chambers, a brick in years will be required (!) saved up in itself a lot of moisture. Well heated-up furnace will be quickly kindled, and firewood in it cheerfully crackles at a fire chamber.

I will not stop on other shortcomings and advantages of the bought house. But I will tell that the cracked floor - a trifle in comparison with a thin roof. On a roof moreover on a laying of the furnace a lot of your time because without them it is impossible to live in the house will leave, the rest can be made without hurrying, in process of forces and opportunities.

Follow this advice, and you will not make the wrong choice of the house. Good luck!