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The person is afraid of the open relations of

We begin to lead the closed, dead life, carrying out the projection how everything has to be ideally.

In order that the relations developed and showed what in them is,

it is necessary to enter them openly, innocence is necessary. Then we

will know that happens both to us, and with our relations - everything

will be in development and a door between two people will remain open.

But if we enter the relations with the preparations and projections, we,

thereby, right there will close behind ourselves doors. We will begin to show the friend

to the friend all the best that we have and to carry out the

representations. As far as we will be enough? For several weeks, month, two,

hardly on bigger, and then our second party will leave. And we even not

will know that happens to us why so everything well began, and

so meanly turned back - we tried artificially to build a nest without

of understanding of and that person with whom decided to construct

of the relation.

of People is afraid of the open relations. Instead of leaving the relations

open, it begins display and demonstration of itself(himself), each

carries out before each other demonstration performances. The man

shows what it is capable as a real man of, the woman shows what it is capable

in a feminine way of. But how many we would not show and did not show

ourselves the end to it, anyway, will be, everything will end. And then

we will be frustrated, disappointed, deceived because everything was

not as we planned. We decided to play

. We do not understand that the relations have to develop on

an extent of all life. All types of weather and bad weather which to us happen

- it is normal. The main thing, at this moment to understand that all this

is natural. We will open each other, to lose understanding, again

to open, but our relations will be live, they will vibrate,

to be poured. There will be otliva, there will be inflow - everything as in the nature - in it

there is nothing constant. The person has to live in open mind in

of the changing life. And we have ideas. Ourselves ourselves do not understand

, and we try to carry out through another the

ideas of happiness, of love. And as a result all are deceived, all

turns out not so. And we, having linked teeth, we suffer, but in us

the discontent and disappointment increases. And at us any disappointment has to be not


We have to see ourselves and the ability, or inability to be with

another. We have to open whether we when all ends with

are capable to leave, or not. Can end, and, most likely, will end. And

needs to hear the termination moment, to embrace, kiss and to tell the friend

to the friend thanks for the lived days and nights. If we are capable of such

relations, - we will find the. And if we do not find, then it will not be

a problem for us because we will find everything that it is necessary for us in life,

too in order that we lived.

But the person is afraid. He knows that he has to establish a family, and in a family he has to be happy

. And it does all types of artificial inoculations

to the relations, for deception. We deceive each other and we do not even know that we

deceive because we stopped being sensitive.

Openness in relationship is a certain internal fearlessness.

comes only with understanding, only with understanding that we decided

on such courage - to live openly, without falseness, without substitution, without changing

faces, that is knowing as it actually is every moment. It is the fact that

in life has to happen to each person. Then sensitivity and we never " works with

; let`s walk smack in deception.

A our readiness, our pleasure human is more than self-deception. And the self-deception brings to

enormous excitement, pleasure I . And, then

of loss, then we crash down in a faint for horror, from disappointments, from

of the fact that as we counted how we represented, - so it is impossible.

of Offense, rage, anger, a suitsidalnost, a nevrotizm, a neurasthenia, morbid depression

etc., - all this accompanies the person in life from - for self-deception.]